About Us

  • 2013

    Awarded 3G license and related 10 Mhz of spectrum for 15 years effective from September 2013

    Introduced different 3G packages & services

    Launched life insurance coverage Nirvoy Life Insurance

    Mobile content store

    Self service recharge kiosk

    First ever virtual agent Neel

    Coordinated WiMax service known as Go Broadband etc.

    Reached 47.1 million subscribers

  • 2012

    Awarded license for 2G operation for 15 years effective from November 2011

    Two new affordable packages 'Amontron' and 'Nishchinto' were launched

    10-second pulse was introduced for all products including helplines

    A GP App was launched to facilitate mobile self service

    Reached 40.02 million Subscribers

  • 2011


    Launched 'My zone'- location based discount on usage


    eCare solution
    Customer Experience Lab


    Community Power Project
    Grameenphone Branded Android Handset - 'Crystal'


    Spondon Package with 1 second pulse


    Completed swapping of the network
    Reached 36.5 Million Subscribers

  • 2010

    March 2010

    New Prepaid Price Plan Campaign


    Mobitaka Brand launch with E-ticketing


    Launch of Internet Minipack


    Introduction of New Generation Grameenphone Internet Modem


    Reached 25 million subscriber base


    1st Annual General Meeting of Grameenphone


    Shift to GP's new Headquarter, GP House


    Launch of new Network Campaign

    December 2010

    Amar Desh Amar Gorbo event held on the occasion of Victory Day

  • 2009

    Jan 2009

    Launch of Phone Back Up and In-flight Roaming Service

    Feb 2009

    Launched GP Internet Modem

    Mar 2009

    Reached 21 million subscribers

    Apr 2009

    Launched Internet Modem

    June 2009

    Launched new Network campaign

    Sep 2009

    Launch of Grameenphone Handset

    Oct 2009

    Launch of Study Line Service

  • 2008

    Jan 2008

    Introduced Black Berry Service to Bangladesh


    Lowest on-net tariff offer

    Apr 2008

    Brand positioning and launching of 'stay close' campaign

    May 2008

    Launch of 'Customer Care Campaign'

    June 2008

    Reached 20 million subscribers

  • 2007

    Feb 2007

    Re-launched Business Solution

    Feb 2007

    New VAS launch- Stock Information, Missed Call Alert

    Apr 2007

    Re-branding of Djuice

    Apr 2007

    Launched Pay for Me Service

    Oct 2007

    Reached 16 million subscribers

  • 2006

    Jan 2006

    Launch of Business and PCO product

    Feb 2006

    Launch of Community Information Centers

    Jul 2006

    Launch of CellBazaar Service

    Nov 2006

    GP re-branded with new logo

    Nov 2006

    Launch of Healthline Service

    Dec 2006

    Prepaid and postpaid product refreshment

    Dec 2006

    Launched Bill Pay Service in CIC

  • 2005

    Apr 2005

    Launch of Youth Product Djuice

    Apr 2005

    Launched Electronic Recharge System (Flexi Load)

    Sep 2005

    Launched EDGE and Voice SMS service

    Oct 2005

    Reached 5 million subscribers

  • 2003-04

    Aug 2003

    Reached 1 million subscribers

    Oct 2003

    Launched Prepaid product with PSTN connectivity

    Aug 2004

    Reached 2 million subscribers

Grameenphone...our story

Before Grameenphone’s inception, the phone was for a selected urbanized few. The cell phone was a luxury: a flouting accessory for the select elite.The mass could not contemplate mobile telephony as being part of their lives.

Grameenphone started its journey with the Village Phone program: a pioneering initiative to empower rural women of Bangladesh. The name Grameenphone translates to “Rural phone”.

Starting its operations on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh, Grameenphone has come a long way. Grameenphone pioneered the then breakthrough initiative of mobile to mobile telephony and became the first and only operator to cover 98% of the country’s people with network

Since its inception Grameenphone has built the largest cellular network in the country with over 8500 base stations . Presently, nearly 99 percent of the country's population is within the coverage area of the Grameenphone network. Grameenphone has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local telecom market. GP was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh when it launched its services in March 1997.

Grameenphone was also the first telecommunication operator in Bangladesh to introduce the pre-paid service in September 1999. It established the first 24-hour Call Center, introduced value-added services such as VMS, SMS, fax and data transmission services, international roaming service, WAP, SMS-based push-pull services, EDGE, personal ring back tone and many other products and services. In October 2013 the company launched 3G services commercially. The entire Grameenphone network is 3G/EDGE/GPRS enabled, allowing access to high-speed Internet and data services from anywhere within the coverage area. There are currently over 7 million 3G/EDGE/GPRS users in the Grameenphone network.

Today, Grameenphone is the leading and largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 48.68 million subscribers as of March 2014.

Did You Know?

  • Grameenphone has so far invested more than BDT 24,600 crore to build the network infrastructure
  • Grameenphone is one of the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed more than BDT 36,500 crore in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the years.
  • There are now more than 2000 GP Service Desks across the country covering nearly all upazilas of all districts and 94 Grameenphone Centers in all the divisional cities
  • Grameenphone has about 4500 full and temporary employees.
  • 300,000 people are directly dependent on Grameenphone for their livelihood, working for the Grameenphone dealers, retailers, scratch card outlets, suppliers, vendors, contractors and others.