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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grameenphone Ltd. announced a new range of price plans that is expected to bring greater simplicity in the pre-paid category. The company has also revealed a new price plan for its djuice product as well.

Details of the new price plan were announced at a press conference today, 14 March 2010, held at a local hotel.

The three prices packages – Shohoj, Aapon, Bondhu, along with djuice – have been developed for pre-paid subscribers and offers interchangeability and easy migration.

“The price plan is not just a simplification of our tariff plan,” said Grameenphone CEO, Oddvar Hesjedal, “it is a conscious effort to provide the best and most cost efficient solution to our customers, based on their individual calling requirements.”

The Grameenphone CEO was present at the event with Mr. Arild Kaale, Chief Marketing Officer, and Mr. Kazi Monirul Kabir, Chief Communication Officer, among other officials.

Explaining the dynamics of the new price plan, the Grameenphone CMO added that the “launch of the price campaign represents the largest and most comprehensive tariff offer for Grameenphone subscribers since its inception”.

The Shohoj package will cater to users who need to call all networks and offers callers a low, flat rate of BDT 0.79 per minute to any operator number. Shohoj users will also have the option to SMS any number at BDT 1 per SMS. The Aapon package has been designed for callers who have a predominately Grameenphone calling base. Aapon offers a special day time tariff and night time tariff (12pm-4pm and 12am-8am respectively) of 49 paisa per minute. Aapon users can also call three FnF numbers (Grameenphone numbers only) at 49 paisa per minute any time, and send SMS to the FnF numbers at BDT 0.50 paisa per SMS. Aapon users will also have the option to SMS any number (GP and other operator) at BDT 1 per SMS.

The Bondhu package is for users whose calls are usually limited to a tight FnF circle. This package offers the highest number of FnFs and users can call seven FnF numbers at 49 paisa per minute any time. With Bondhu package, calls to all other numbers (Other than the seven FnFs) are BDT 0.99 per minute. SMS rates are BDT 0.50 per SMS to GP numbers and BDT 1 to other operator numbers.

Djuice retains its youth focus where there is big interest in community tariffs and special night time tariffs. What’s new is that any Grameenphone pre-paid customer can opt for djuice, or vice versa. Notably a regular migration fee of BDT 10 will be charged for migration to or from all packages after 13 April 2010.

“Subscribers can migrate from package to package every 30 days to find the one that fits them best. This ensures a way for pre-paid subscribers to opt for the best value solution in stride with the changes in their needs”, said the Grameenphone CMO.

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