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It's a whole new corporate experience that comes with exciting perks & benefits
Hands-on experience in the country's finest corporate environment
Above all it is a source of talent acquisition for US and a gateway to employment at GP for YOU!

In Grameenphone Ltd., Internship program starts in 3 sessions per year:
January Session: [Jan – Apr] May Session: [May – Aug] September Session: [Sep – Dec]
Application period: 1 November to 15 December Application period: 1 March to 15 April Application period: 1 July to 15 August
Assessment period: 1 December to 31 December Assessment period: 1 April to 30 April Assessment period: 1 August to 31 August
Internship period: 7 January – 7 April Internship period: 7 May to 7 August Internship period: 7 September – 7 December
Internship Period: 3 Months [May be extended based on project/assignment requirement]
Qualifications of Applicants:
  • The applicants must be third-year or fourth-year university students
  • The applicants must have skills required by work units
  • The applicants must have good attitude towards life and work
  • The applicants must be energetic and ready to learn new things by doing
Place of Internship:

Dhaka and some regions Preference may be given during application

How to apply:

Email to the following:

  • Complete CV, highlighting your interest area, achievements (if any), experience and extracurricular activities (if any)
  • A cover letter in the email body explaining your interest for Internship at Grameenphone Ltd.
  • In the subject line, mention Internship application for Session (January/May/September)
Required documents at Joining:

Once you are selected for an Internship program at Grameenphone Ltd., you will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Forwarding letter and current transcript from the Applicant's University
  • HSC Examination / A Level's certificate and mark sheet
  • SSC Examination OR O Level's certificate and mark sheet
  • Student ID card
  • National ID card/ passport
  • 2 copies Passport-size photographs
Completion of Internship Program:

Interns at the end of the program will be required to submit a report to the company on the project assigned to them. After report submission, an internship completion letter will be issued to the Intern.

For more information, please contact the subject line, mention Internship)