Useful Information

VAS Deactivation

Below are the list of port numbers (third party content providers) for which customers can deactivate the relevant service(s) by sending SMS with keyword STOP ALL:

SL No CP Name Port/ Short Codes
1 Adbox Bangladesh 16265
2 Arena Mobile 16231
3 B2M Technologies 5353 5656
4 BDNEWS24 22000
5 BINBIT 16261
6 EBS 4636 46636
7 DNS 7464
8 Gakk Media 16235
9 G-tech 4878
10 I-information 2332
11 Inforev 2233 2244 2665 3003 4001
12 Miaki VAS Ltd 3131 3636 9090
13 MMS Service 9934 9933
14 Mobile Multimedia 2255 6652 16251
15 Multi-Sourcing 3333 3355 16215
16 NextNet 4747 2323
17 SSD Tech 2580
18 SSL Wireless 2666 5959 16232
19 SSLE 6060 6161
20 True & Workstation 2345 2355 2778 5757 2002
21 TTBC 2777 2700
22 VU Mobile 6624 6625
23 Live Technologies 28777 16279
24 Live Entertainment 16316
25 Mir Technologies 16258
26 Symbiotic 16292
27 Three R Enterprise 16301

Quick Services through 121 Hotline

Quick Service
121 Hotline
Billing InformationPostpaid Billing InformationDial 12111 (Bangla) or 12121 (English)121 IVR charge is 50 paisa per minute with 10 second pulse and regular service activation charge will be applicable
Welcome Tune ServiceActivationActivate a song from top 9 welcome tune by dialing 121121 (Bangla) or 121221 (English)
RandomizationDial 121122 (Bangla) or 121222 (English) to randomize the Welcome Tunes in your gallery
F&F ServiceF&F ServiceFor FnF information, addition, modification please dial 121131 (Bangla) or 121231(English)
Miss Call Alert ServiceMiss Call Alert ServiceTo activate/deactivate Missed Call Alert service please dial 121132 (Bangla) or 121232 (English)
Call Block ServiceCall Block ServiceTo activate/deactivate Call Block service please dial 121133 (Bangla) or 121233 (English)
Internet ServiceMinipack 1 MB Dial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 1 to activate 1 MB Package
Minipack 3MBDial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 2 to activate 3 MB Package
Minipack 15MBDial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 3 to activate 15 MB Package
Minipack 99MBDial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 4 to activate 99 MB Package
1GB Package P6Dial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 5 to activate 1 GB Package
BDT .02/KBDial 121141 (Bangla) or 121241 (English) and then press 6 to activate .02/KB Package
Heavy Internet browsing Package P2Dial 121142 (Bangla) or 121242 (English)and then press 1 to activate Heavy Internet browsing Package
Night Time Heavy Internet Browsing Package P3Dial 121142 (Bangla) or 121242 (English) and then press 2 to activate Night Time Heavy Internet browsing Package P3
Daily 150MB Package P4Dial 121142 (Bangla) or 121242 (English)and then press 3 to activate Daily 150MB Package
3GB Package P5Dial 121142 (Bangla) or 121242 (English) and then press 4 to activate 3GB Package
Campaign InformationCampaign InformationTo know current Campaign and Promotional offer please dial 12115 (Bangla) or 12125 (English)
SMS based servicesActivation or DeactivationTo activate or deactivate SMS based services dial 12116 (Bangla) or 12126 (English)

New connection purchase

Individual Subscription:

Contact Point: Grameenphone Center, Retailer outlet

Documents required:

National Identity Card (NID) and it's photocopy (Passport in case of the foreigners/diplomats). We accept Passport or Driving License (at only GPC) for purchasing a new SIM if the customer do not have NID.
One copy of passport sized photograph.
Name, Phone and NID number of an Identifier (this is Optional for diplomats and foreigners).
Price & charges: Find under package section

Business Subscription:

Please write to

SIM Replacement

Contact Point: GPC, Retailer outlet, Service Touch Point

For individual subscription - Subscription paper will be required

For corporate subscription - To replace or change SIM card key contact person needs to send an application in letterhead pad / fill up SIM replacement form with proper company seal and valid sign & come to any GPC.

For some special organization (Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Rifles, Police, RAB, Ansar & VDP, Special Security Forces, President Guard Regiment etc) - SIM card can be replaced or changed with the signature & seal of the respective unit heads or certain high ranking officers rather than key contact person.

Price & Charges: BDT 125

To replace SIM with undertaking

Contact Point: GPC, GPCF, Retailer outlet, Service Touch Point

Documents required:
1 copy passport size Photograph (in case of User Undertaking)
Photo ID (National ID/ Passport/ Driving License/ Gun License)
SIM Replacement Charge: BDT 125

You may download SIM Replacement Form to replace SIM. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Download and print the SIM Replacement form (both page)
  • Fill it up properly (Subscriber Name, Address & Mobile Number)
  • Put your signature in designated place (In case of company, signature of authorized person along with seal)
  • Submit to your nearest Grameenphone Center


Contact Point: GPC, Retailer outlet, Service Touch Point, 121(Only SMS based Migration)
Price & Charge:

Sl.Previous PackageChanged PackagePrice & charges
BS prepaidFree*
BS Postpaid450
Xplore 350
BS prepaid Free*
BS Postpaid 600
Smile N/A
3 Xplore Djuice N/A
Shohoj 100
Adj Djuice 100
BS prepaid Free
BS Postpaid Free *
4 BS Postpaid BS Prepaid Free
5 BS Prepaid BS Postpaid 350


** Only applicable for POSTPAID subscriber.

Address Change

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD, Service Touch Point (STP), Application through FAX
Documents required: Subscription Paper (for all touch points), Signature verification. FAX mentioning (his/her mobile number, old address, new address and valid signature)

  • For corporate subs-To change address key contact person needs to send fax in company letterhead pad with proper company seal and valid sign mentioning old Address, New Address. Or he/she can come to the GPC/GPCF, STP with above mention papers.

Fax- 02-9882948-51 (Corp, SME and All).

  • For some special organization (Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Rifles, Police, RAB, Ansar & VDP, Special Security Forces, President Guard Regiment, etc)can change their Official Address with the signature & seal of the respective unit heads or certain high ranked officers rather than key contact person.

Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Auto Debit

**Only applicable for postpaid subscriber.
Contact Point: Respective Vendors or Bank
Documents required: Subscribers have to have a credit card or account of following vendors or banks

  • VANIK Credit Card
  • SCB Credit Card
  • SCB Account
  • SE Credit Card

Subscriber need to go to the respective bank or vendor with last GP bill copy to fill out a prescribed Auto Debit form to avail Auto debit facilities. Bank will send notification to Banking unit of GP after necessary verification. Banking Unit will enroll specific customer in BSCS as auto debit customer. From than GP charges appropriate amount of his usage to remain him unbar as and when required.

Cancellation: subscribers need to contact with respective bank or vendors to cancellation or enrolled the facilities. Bank will notify GP. Then banking unit will cancel customer's instruction from system.

Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Correction of wrong payment

Wrong Account Payment Wrong Flexi load Payment

Contact Point: Respective Bank
Documents required:
1. Subscriber must go to bank with his original payment slip.
2. Subscriber must submit an application.
3. Subscriber must keep a copy of his application with received Bank seal.

In the application subscriber must mention

  • Valid Signature which was given in the Subscription Copy.
  • The wrong account ID that he/she wrote.
  • The correct ID.
  • Payment Date.
  • Deposited Amount.
  • Name of the subscriber.

** Bank will send us a forwarding letter in their letterhead regarding the issue within maximum 5 working days.

Price & charges: Not Applicable

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD
Documents required:
A fax from the Retailer on behalf of the Subscriber within 3 days on or subscriber can come to our GPSD or GPC with:
1. Retailer's Letter Head Pad. The fax has to have:

  • Right Number
  • Wrong Number
  • Mob. Number of the Retailer
  • Date & Time of the Transaction
  • Transaction ID
  • Exact amount of the FlexiLoad
  • Name, address and signature of both Retailer & Subscriber
  • Fax: 02-9882948-51

2. After the fax is received, Customer Communication will contact with both Retailer and
Subscriber for verification.
3. If the Information is Valid then, customer communication will contact to Collection unit and notify them with the details.
4. Collection will adjust the amount to the Correct Number.


** Whole procedure should take 1 working day and applicable for postpaid customers only.

Price & charges: Not Applicable


Duplicate Subscription Paper

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD.
Documents required:

  • GD copy regarding Subscription Paper Lost
  • Two copies passport size photographs of Subscriber
  • Subscriber’s signature verification (S/V)
  • Application in standard “Customer Complaint/ Service Request” form (Attached)
  • Customer needs to fill-up a Photo UT mismatch form in case of Photo Mismatch.

Price & charges: Not applicable.

Itemized Bill / Call Detail

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD.

Documents required:

Subscription Paper, Application.
For Corp & SME, Subscriber can contact their key contact person for Itemized bill.
Price & charges: BDT 100

Business Subscription:

Please write to

International Roaming

Roaming Packages:

  • Standard Roaming: Standard roaming is only for postpaid customer with voice, SMS and data connectivity while in roaming.
  • Basic Roaming: Basic roaming is for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers with voice and SMS services only.
  • Data Roaming: Data roaming is for postpaid customers only with data and SMS services.
  • SMS Roaming: SMS roaming is for both postpaid and prepaid customers with only SMS service.

Documents Required:

  • Properly filled up International Roaming Subscription Form (available in all GPC as well).
  • Photocopy of customer's international credit card (both side) and duly signed on the photocopy
  • For foreign currency account holder, FC A/C authentication in Bank letterhead and FC A/C authentication in Company letterhead
  • Auto bill pay form (optional for Basic roaming, Standard roaming and data roaming). But Auto bill pay form is mandatory for SMS roaming
  • Photocopy of first 2 pages for machine readable passport (MRP) or first five pages of non MRP passport
  • Passport size photograph- 02 copies

Security Deposit:

  • Security Deposit is mandatory for Standard, Basic and data roaming customer.
  • No security deposit is required for SMS roaming

Charging amount for availing prepaid roaming:

  • Minimum charging amount for availing Prepaid Basic Roaming is minimum 25 USD and for SMS Roaming is USD 10

Grameenphone TravelSure

  • Grameenphone TravelSure brings a unique feature for you to get rid of "Bill-shock" from expensive & unintentional data roaming. Be relaxed and enjoy worry-free data roaming service.
  • This is applicable for all postpaid roaming customer (except Blackberry users)

Know more details about roaming product and features

Postpaid International Call Access Request

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD, Service Touch Point, 121
Documents required: Subscription Paper, Recharge 3000 TK and inform the concern end (Contact point).
Price & charges: Not Applicable

Lost Phone barring

Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD, Service Touch Point, 121
Documents required: Subscription Paper, Verify Mobile Number information (like, FNF number, Last recharge etc.)
Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Cancellation of subscription

** Only applicable for Post paid
Contact Point: GPC/F, GPSD, Service Touch Point.
Documents required: Subscription Paper, Physical SIM
If the subscription paper or the SIM is lost, then a GD copy along with an application has to submit and a form has to fill up properly.

Price & charges: All the dues have to clear before cancellation of subscription. If customer has over payment, then s/he can either adjust it to any other number or can get the amount in cash.


Contact Point: GPC, GPCF
Documents required:

Postpaid Prepaid

A Postpaid Subscriber only needs to fill-up "Reconnection Form" if Subscription Form with other documents are available at GP end. No other documents like Photograph, Valid Photo ID, etc are needed.

Reconnection due to surrender and/ or disconnected from System:
- Properly Filled-up Reconnection Form
- 1 copy of Passport size Photograph
- Valid Photo ID (NID for Bangladeshi Nationals / Passport for foreigners and diplomats)


Price & charges:

Postpaid Prepaid

At present if any post-paid subscriber is permanently disconnected for nonpayment of bill, he/she needs only to pay his/her due bill to get back the connection and does not need to pay any reconnection fee & security deposit.

Pre-paid subscribers who are permanently disconnected for not recharging their cards more than 6 months after validity expiry date, also do not need to pay any reconnection fee.