Grameenphone 3G Speed

Our 3G services will run on best in class 3.9G network technology – HSPA+ to deliver you the optimum speed experience & seamless mobility. Experience the true difference of Faster-net with Grameenphone 3G compared, to basic Internet.

Average likely download speeds experienced with Grameenphone 3G will also depend on the following:

  • The device capability as different devices support different speeds
  • Other factors such as location of user, distance from BTS, time of usage, site/application being used, network traffic and number of users on the service at that particular hour etc.

As 3G is still a wireless technology data speeds can never be guaranteed. However Grameenphone is committed to deliver a truly great experience.

To check 3G speed experience there are few open software / tools available online (example:; etc ) which provide indicative picture. 3G Customers can get some idea about the internet speed using these tools. However, the speed test result also depends on factors like selection of server, device, time of test, number of simultaneous user within that site, IIG performance and many other variables. This is for customer awareness only. Grameenphone does not actively promote any of the above tools and does not take any liability due to damage upon usage of such tool on the customer’s device/smartphone etc. Upon any speed complaint by Customer, Grameenphone actively investigates the issue using its own established standard operating procedure and takes necessary measure to resolve the matter if it is found valid.