Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the world’s most popular mobile browser. It provides the best experience for mobile phones and has over 90 million active monthly users in 195 countries. Opera mini is compatible with more than 3000 different handsets including smart-phones and feature phones.

Opera Mini Features

Opera has its own data optimization solution and hence this browser reduces web pages up to 90 percent of their size, making web surfing from mobile cheaper and faster. Opera mini offers a good user experience through its features such as instant access to your favorite websites through Speed Dials, multitask with tabs, capability to read the largest pages comfortably and get a better view by making the most of the mobile screen. To learn more about Opera mini, please visit www.operamini.com.

Co-branded Opera Mini

Grameenphone has launched a co-branded version of Opera Mini to associate larger Internet experience with own brand. As part of this co-branded offering, subscribers will see both Grameenphone and Opera logo in the splash screen while starting the Opera Mini application. Grameenphone is also offering seven pre-configured speed dial URLS of popular websites to the subscribers considering the need for various types of information from internet including social media, news, sports, jobs and marketplace. From the service bar, subscribers will also be able to visit the small screen content portal, GPWorld and download their favorite contents including but not limited to wallpaper, animation, games, ringtone etc.

How to get Opera Mini: Type Opera and send SMS to 5000

Opera mini is free for GP subscribers. Subscribers can download Opera mini by visiting http://mini.opera.com/gp or simply type Opera and send SMS to 5000. Subscribers must have EDGE/GPRS enabled device that supports Opera Mini for using this. To get Internet settings, subscribers can type ALL and send SMS to 8080. No SMS charge applicable for sending SMS to 5000 and 8080.

Opera Mini Demo and Useful Documents

Please refer to following URLs for further useful information opera mini.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is a mobile phone browser that supports virtually any mobile phone model. It enables users to browse the Internet on their mobile phones with ease for a full Web experience.

What are the advantages of using Opera Mini?

Opera Mini uses advanced compression technology which gives users the following benefits:

  • Faster browsing speed in compare to native browser
  • Savings on data charges as it compresses up to 90% of data
  • Full Web experience as it translates normal websites into viewable sizes on mobile phones
  • 1-click access to your favorite websites – using Speed Dials, which are quick links on the Opera Mini start page customized for GP users
  • The Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini client supports specific sites that users can browse for free (for example: wap.gpworld.com) offered by Grameenphone (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)
  • The Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini client supports content purchase (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)
  • It enables feature phones and low-end phones to enjoy the Internet just like any other smart-phones

What are the privileges to use the Grameenphone co-branded Opera mini in compare to public opera mini?

Following advantages are available on Grameenphone Opera mini client exclusively for Grameenphone Internet users:

  • 1-click access to your favorite websites – using Speed Dials pre-configured in the client for different popular and useful sites such as facebook.com, bdjobs.com, m.bdnews24.com etc.
  • You can browse zero-rated sites offered by Grameenphone (for example: wap.gpworld.com) for free using the Grameenphone co-branded opera mini (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)
  • You can download and purchase contents (pictures, games, wallpaper, themes, ring tones, applications etc) from different content portals (for example: wap.gpworld.com) using the Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini client (which the public version of Opera Mini does not support)

How do I get the Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini client?

You can simply type Opera and send SMS to 5000 to get the Opera mini download link in reply SMS. No charge will be applicable for sending the SMS to 5000. Alternatively, open your mobile phone's native browser (look for the "Web" or "Internet" icon in menu) and go to http://mini.opera.com/gp. Click on the download link to download it instantly. Using a GP connection, you can also visit global download link http://m.opera.com, and you will get the same from Opera server.

Is the co-branded Opera Mini client available to Grameenphone subscribers only?

Yes, this client is only available to Grameenphone subscribers. If you are a competitor’s subscriber, you will need to switch to Grameenphone in order to enjoy this client.

Do I have to pay to download Opera Mini?

Opera Mini is free for all Grameenphone subscribers. However, standard Mobile Internet charges apply for downloading the client. During the free data trial offer with Opera Mini, you can download the Opera Mini client for free!

What do I pay to browse using Opera Mini?

Standard Mobile Internet charges apply for browsing through Opera mini. You will be charged as per your GP Internet package subscription.

Where is the Opera Mini client stored after I have downloaded it?

Opera Mini can usually be found under Applications, Java Applications, File Manager or a similarly named folder that can be reached from the main menu of your phone. Occasionally, it can be found under Games. The client may be stored in a different location depending on your phone type or your folder selection at the time of download. However, the client is easily recognizable as it comes with an "O" icon in red. If you can’t find Opera Mini anywhere on your phone (and you are sure that you installed it correctly), please consult your mobile phone manual or your phone manufacturer’s website.

What are Speed Dials?

Speed Dials are quick links inside Opera Mini that allow you to have 1-click access to your favorite websites. It comes with popular websites recommended by Grameenphone during initial usage. However, you may replace them with links to your own favorite websites.

How to change Speed Dials?

To edit an existing speed dial, long-touch or long-click it to open the context menu and then enter a web address or select from your viewing history.

How to add Speed Dials?

To save a website on your Speed Dial:

  • 1. Select an empty dial.
  • 2. Enter a web address or select from your viewing history.
  • 3. Select the Add button

I am already set some speed-dials/bookmarks of my own. What will happen to these speed dials, when I will use the co-branded Opera Mini

User modified speed dials remain same when you use the co-branded opera mini. It is only default public slots and available slots that the co branded campaign is pushed on. For example:

  • If user has default public Opera Mini installed and he has not changed anything. The Grameenphone speed dials will replace the public speed dials. In this case, first 7 speed dials will be changed and still user can have two unused speed dials. Users will also be able to modify the Grameenphone speed dials.
  • If a user has modified say the first two speed dials, then the Grameenphone speed dials will be pushed from 3rd speed dial.
  • If a user has modified the 4th and 5th speed dial only, then the Grameenphone Speed dials will be pushed to first 3 and then 6th onwards speed dial.

How come I am seeing two different versions of Opera Mini on my phone and my friend’s phone?

There are currently two versions of Opera Mini, the Opera Mini 4.3 and Opera Mini 6. Opera Mini 4.3 caters to lower end phones whereby the Speed Dials are in the format of text links. On the other hand, Opera Mini 6 caters to higher end phones whereby the Speed Dials appear as icons. Nevertheless, both versions allow you to enjoy the full Web experience.

I am an existing Opera Mini user. How can I get the Grameenphone co-branded version?

For Opera Mini 6 users, you do not have to download the client again. All updates on Opera Mini 6 will occur Over-The-Air (OTA) without any actions from you. All you have to do is open up your Opera Mini 6 client on your phone. For Opera Mini 4.3 users, you will have to re-download the client to get the co-branded version. Just visit http://mini.opera.com/gp from your native browser to get the download link.

Can I continue using my public version of Opera Mini without upgrading to Grameenphone co-branded version?

Yes, you can continue using public versions for 4.x clients. However, you are encouraged to upgrade it to enjoy all the fantastic features in the co-branded version, such as the zero-rating support for zero-rated sites and contents purchase via Opera Mini which the public version does not support.

I do not want the Grameenphone co-branded version. How can I get the public version of Opera Mini?

To avail the public version of Opera mini, you need to download this using other Internet connection (ex. wi-fi). However, if you then open your opera mini using GP Internet connection, you will be automatically upgraded to the co-branded version. However, we recommend to upgrade and get the Grameenphone co-branded version to enjoy all the fantastic features.

I am unable to download/purchase contents from GPWORLD using Grameenphone co-branded Opera mini.

Sorry, but this should not happen. Opera mini has two mode of connection: HTTP and Socket mode. Go to opera Mini Settings and please check your connection mode. If you are using socket connection mode, change it to HTTP mode. Clear the cache of your browser and then try again.

I am opening a bangla website but seeing boxes instead of Bangla characters, how can I see bangla properly on Opera Mini?

Viewing Bangla website from your mobile requires pre-installed Bangla font on your mobile. You are seeing boxes, because, your phone does not have a Bangla font pre-installed. However, you can follow the below steps to view Bangla as image on Opera Mini.

  • Type opera:config in the address bar and press/click Go. In case it does not work, type about:config in the address bar and press/click Go
  • A settings page will appear. Scroll down and find settings for use bitmap fonts for complex script and Select Yes from drop down box.
  • Click SAVE at the bottom.
  • The above steps will help you see any bangla text on any website as image. Since the characters are being displayed in image, you will consume higher data volume for the websites having bangla texts.

I am using blackberry and I am unable to use the co-branded Opera mini, why?

Blackberry traffic does not come from operator IP range (i.e. Grameenphone IP range) rather from blackberry’s owner Research In Motion (RIM) servers. So far, Opera team has not been able to find a solution on how to push operator campaign to Blackberry users. Therefore, we are unable to offer blackberry users with the co-branded opera mini, however, you can use public opera mini on your blackberry device.

My Device is in Opera mini supported device list, but I’m getting error when trying to install Opera mini such as “File corrupt”, “Invalid Certificate” etc. Where can I get support for this?

If your device supports opera mini, then it should be installed without any issue. For specific devices, you should contact your respective device vendor for support regarding such issues. You can also try searching Opera mini help, FAQ and guide from the web to avail support on such issues with your specific device model.

Where can I get further help on using opera mini?

Please refer to following URLs for questions regarding installation or how to use opera mini.

What's new in Grameenphone co-branded opera mini 7?

Grameenphone co-branded Opera mini 7 offers more convenient way for customers to access their favorite sites, homepage integration with social media and easier access to much more information as well as contents for the customers. For iOS and Android, there are unlimited tabs in Opera mini 7 (in compare to Opera mini 6.x) and for symbian, Java and Blackberry devices, Opera mini 7 has a new smart homepage and tabbed speed Dial in the start page.

What is the main difference between opera mini 6.x and opera mini 7?

Difference of opera mini 6.xand opera mini 7 varies from device to device platforms. For iOS and Android platform opera mini 7 has unlimited tab feature. In symbian, Java and Blackberry devices, Opera mini 7 has a new smart homepage and tabbed speed Dial in the start page. In opera mini 6.x there is only the speed dials and no smart homepage.

What is the benefit of new smart homepage of opera mini 7?

The new smart homepage in Opera Mini 7 offers more convenience and better experience for customers. On the topside, users can see the most visited pages based on their usage for easier access. Also, users can now see their social network updates (ex. facebook feeds) on the homepage. There are more relevant contents for users now such as RSS feeds, news and some suggested links.

Where are my speed dial items of previous version?

They are still under the speed dial section. You can access them from the top right tab of start page named as "speed Dial"

I don't want the smart home page, how can I do that in Grameenphone co-branded opera mini 7?

You can disable the new homepage in settings --> Advanced --> HomePage --> Off

How can I know how much data I'm using through Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini 7?

You can check your data usage through Opera --> Help --> Data usage

What device(s) I need to use Grameenphone co-branded Opera Mini 7?

Opera Mini 7 is already released for IOS and Android platform with unlimited tab feature. The Opera Mini 7 versions for Symbian, Java and Blackberry have the smart page in addition.

How can I download the updated version of Opera Mini 7?

Please visit http://m.opera.com from your mobile device and choose opera mini 7 to download. If you can-not locate your browser from mobile device, you can dial *500*30#. In reply SMS you will get the link of the download page, i.e. http://m.opera.com