Emergency Balance for Prepaid!

Insufficient/Zero Balance in account? Don’t worry!! Grameenphone introduces a brand new feature called Emergency Balance for all it’s Prepaid customers from September 2, 2013. Through this feature customers will be able to initiate a new call after reaching zero/insufficient balance for emergency need with a validity of 30 days.

The details of the feature are as follows:

  • All Grameenphone prepaid, (Shohoj, Bondhu, Aapon, Amontron, Smile, Spondon, Business Solutions Prepaid (1,2,3, Shofol) , Ekota (1,2), Nishchinto, djuice, GP Public Phone and Village Phone) customers will be able to get emergency balance when their account balance will become zero or will have insufficient amount making call.
  • The present Emergency Balance feature in the Ekota package will be replaced with this feature.
  • Through this feature all Grameenphone prepaid will be eligible to get an emergency Balance of BDT 5 and STAR Customers will get BDT 10 as emergency limit.
  • To avail the Emergency Balance, customers need to dial *1010*1# (Free of Charge).
  • Customers can use this Emergency Balance amount for any voice calls and for any SMS (including SMS to ports).
  • No Incoming SMS, Monthly Subscription fee and EDGE usage will be charged from the Emergency Balance.
  • Purchased minutes (e.g. from 25 paisa offer, bundles) and other free bonuses will get priority in usage first than Emergency Balance.
  • My Zone customers will also be able to enjoy Emergency balance and MY ZONE discounts will be applicable on Emergency Balance.
  • Roaming usage is not applicable in Emergency Balance.
  • In the next recharge of the customer, the emergency balance amount will be deducted from the recharged/refilled amount.
  • The emergency balance amount can be used in any hour and will have a validity of 30 days.
  • Customer can only avail further emergency balance after paying the due amount.
  • Customers will be able to check the Emergency Balance amount by dialing *566*28# (Free of charge).
  • Product tariff and Pulse will be applicable on Emergency Balance.
  • To enjoy emergency balance customers needs to have main account validity.
  • All other tariff, Services, Pulse will remain unchanged.
  • 15% VAT will be applicable on all charges.