GP APP - Mobile Self Service

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GP App is a useful mobile application for the prepaid and postpaid customers of Grameenphone which helps you to check prepaid balance or postpaid bill status, data volume and expiry date of internet packages, activate or deactivate different GP services and many more from one single place!

GP App makes it easy to:

  • Check status of current prepaid package and migration
  • View, add, or change FnF numbers
  • Check STAR status
  • Balance Transfer
  • Activate different Internet packages
  • Activate/deactivate Missed Call Alerts
  • Activate/deactivate different Value Added Services
  • Download wallpapers, ringtones, and mobile applications

Supported Platforms:

GP App currently supports J2ME, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

How to download:

Go to from your mobile device to download GP App on your device. Android and Blackberry users can also download GP App from Google Play and Blackberry App World respectively.

Download Links:


GP App is free to use for all Grameenphone customers. However, data charges will be applicable to download and use the app as per your subscribed internet package.

Troubleshooting guide:

Problem# 1: Error Message- Service unavailable

This message is shown if the service is unavailable or down or there is no Grameenphone Internet connectivity on handset. Please activate your GP internet service by opting for any of the internet packages suitable for you. If your internet is working fine then it may be the problem with the Application itself.

Problem# 2: Error Message-Data service unavailable

This message is shown if there is GP internet is not active on handset or you are trying to log in to this app using Internet from any other operator or Wi-Fi. This app requires active internet on your device to run. Please activate GP internet service by opting for a suitable package.

Problem# 3: The App is showing only the Call Customer Care item, where are the rest of the features?

If the application is installed for the first time and there is no GP Internet connectivity Call Customer Care item is shown to assist customer with the helpline. Please call customer care if you are facing problem with your internet package and then try log in again.

Problem# 4: Application is not found in the stores although the handset is capable

GP App is published in different third party stores which are Google Play for Android devices, Blackberry App World for Blackberry devices and Getjar for J2ME devices. It might happen that any of these stores cannot recognize your device properly and you might fail to find or download the app. In such cases please contact with those stores through their help section and inform about the problem you’re facing.

Problem# 5: Device platform is in supported list yet cannot download the app or the app doesn't work

It's because the OS version of your device is not in our supported criteria. Please note the following OS support information of GP App:

I. Android:

The GP App can be installed on mobile phone and tablet devices running Android OS version 2.2 or above. Those handsets will be excluded which doesn’t have any of the features listed below:
- Telephone option
- Touch screen
- Portrait view

Please make sure your device complies with the above criteria. If your device meets the above criteria but you still cannot find or download the app then you can inform Google about your problem here:" target="_blank

II. Blackberry:

Your Blackberry device should have OS version 5.0 and above. If not please update your OS and then try to download the App. Also sometimes this app may not work if 'gpinternet' APN is not configured on your device.

Here’s how you can configure APN in your Blackberry:

  • On Home screen, click Options.
  • Click Advanced Options > TCP/IP
  • Enter the APN, user name, and password
  • Press the Menu key and select Save


GP App can be installed on mobile devices that support MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. The app may not work in those handsets that doesn’t have the following feature:
- jsr-82 which is called SVG API for Scalable Vector Graphics
Usually all branded handsets have this feature and there shouldn't be any problem running this app in those handsets but in most grey market (non-branded) handsets this feature doesn’t exist and this app may not run in those handsets.

Problem# 6: The application was downloaded in handset but doesn't run

It might happen in case of grey market (non-branded) handsets or old handset models. Well, currently this app is not supported in grey market handsets and may not run properly even you’ve managed to download it from the app stores as most JSR-82 file is missing of those grey market handsets. Also, if the OS version of your app is not as within our supported criteria then also this app may not run properly.