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Partnering to promote safer digital participation and create access to quality education is the ambition that drives our Child Online Safety initiative. It is important to have open dialogue about the potential risks on the internet. Basic ground rules like protecting passwords and personal information should become second nature. Parents also need to familiarize themselves with the online landscape and know the potential risks associated with each platform. To facilitate the process, a parents’ guide was developed in partnership with UNICEF and Telenor. Additionally, since 2014, we have been conducting outreach programs in schools nationwide to create awareness and understanding of a safer internet environment for children and to sensitize parents, guardians and teachers. In partnership with BRAC, we trained more than 130,000 students across the country and sensitized more than 20,000 parents and teachers until 2018. In 2018, our partnership with UNICEF enabled us to reach an additional 400,000 students and over 70,000 parents, teachers and guardians. Additionally, the Child Helpline 1098 provides support on any child safety issues, including online safety. By 2019-20, we plan to reach 1.2 million children and 6,00,000 parents, guardians and teachers as well as set up 400 clubs within schools to support online safety. We are also conducting year-long campaigns on social platforms to generate awareness.


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Call 1098 to report any violence against children.


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