Managing your shares

How can I buy or sell Grameenphone shares?

You can buy or sell Grameenphone shares through authorized Portfolio Managers or licensed Share Brokers of Dhaka or Chittagong Stock Exchange. You are required to have BO Account with the respective Portfolio Manager or Share Broker to trade shares.

How can I find the total value of my Grameenphone shares?

You can find the aggregate value of your shares by multiplying current share price with the number of shares you hold. Go to The Shares

How do I find out how many Grameenphone shares I hold?

You should contact your portfolio manager or share broker through which you bought your shares

How can I change my bank details related to dividend payments?

You should contact your portfolio manager or share broker to change your bank details.

How do I deal with a death of a Shareholder?

Please contact Grameenphone Share Office at your earliest opportunity to know which documents you will need to claim a deceased applicants share.

I do not know my BO Account number, how do I get it?

To get your BO Account number, you should contact your portfolio manager or share broker through which you opened your BO Account

Dividend information

When is the dividend announced?

Proposed dividend is recommended by Board of Directors after considering the audited financial statements. The dividend amount is subject to approval of the Shareholder at the Annual General Meeting

When will the final dividend be paid each year?

Final Dividend is paid within 30 days after Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held. If you hold shares on the “Record Date” you will be entitled to the dividend. If you sell your shares before the “Record Date” you are not entitled to receive the Dividend.

How are dividends paid and taxed?

Dividend on your Grameenphone shares is paid in Bangladesh Taka. Your dividend is subject to tax deduction in accordance with existing tax law of Bangladesh.

Where can I find information about dividend payments in previous years?

You can go to our Dividend page for more information about upcoming and previous years dividend payments.

Can I reinvest my Dividend to buy more shares in Grameenphone?

Grameenphone dose not have a reinvestment program. To buy Grameenphone shares you may contact your portfolio manager or share broker

When does the Company announce the Record Date for ordinary Grameenphone shares?

The Company announces Record Date at the time of announcing date of forthcoming AGM. To receive Dividend, your name must be on the Member Register or Depository Register on the Record Date.

Annual General Meeting

What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Annual General Meeting is the meeting with Shareholders held once a year. The shareholders approve the last year’s audited financial statements, the dividend per share, and vote on other resolutions.

When and where will the next Annual General Meeting be held?

For more information about Annual General Meeting, go to the Annual General Meeting page.

Who can attend the Annual General Meeting?

To attend the Annual General Meeting you must be a Grameenphone Shareholder.

How can I register for the Annual General Meeting?

To register your attendance in the AGM, you have to submit the filled up Attendance Slip at the entrance of AGM hall. You will receive the Attendance Slip 14 clear days ahead of the AGM.

How do I exercise my voting rights in case I am not present at the AGM?

As a Shareholder in Grameenphone, you may appoint a Proxy to exercise your voting rights at the AGM. You will receive the Proxy Form to your registered postal address 14 clear days before the Annual General Meeting. The duly filled out Proxy Form should be submitted to Grameenphone Share Office 72 hours ahead of AGM.