Material Information

Sl/No. Date of Disclosures Download
1 Change in the Position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  
2 Appointment of Directors, election of new Chair and extension of tenure of independent director.  
3 Appointment of Head of Internal Audit and Investigation of Grameenphone  
4 2nd Quarter 2023 Audited Financial Statements and Appointment of CHRO & CIO  
5 Payment of balance tax amounting BDT 783.32 crore to Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU- Tax)  
6 Signed agreements with LTU-Tax to settle CIT disputes through ADR  
7 Handover of pay orders to BTRC following the Court Judgement  
8 Publication of the written Judgment  
9 1st Quarter 2023 Un-audited Financial Statements (02.05.2023)