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GP Academy
We are a country of 166 million where half the population is below the age of 25. Every year more than 2 million youth enter the workforce in Bangladesh, but they struggle to find a decent opportunity. A big reason for this is the skills gap that exists between academic curriculum and the real skill requirements at the modern workplace. This disconnect is a major national concern and is resulting in increasing numbers of youth unemployment in Bangladesh, specially post COVID-19. We believe this scenario can be improved if we step in from the industry side.
Grameenphone believes in equitable opportunities for youth to be ready with the right skill sets to face the fourth industrial revolution. Skills, by far, is the most valuable “currency” to become economically independent. Skills allow one to experience true freedom as a citizen to earn from anywhere be it locally or globally.  GP Academy is a digital first platform, guided from the industry side, which seeks to provide youth learning opportunities linked to ther future work. GP Academy stands to empower students of various backgrounds to be ready with career skills, entrepreneurship skills and 4IR skills to be able to excel! 
Grameenphone Academy will focus on three primary areas this year. Career Readiness is a critical area for early job seekers. To create appropriate support, we have created a Career Launchpad in collaboration with academia and industry. The content is delivered by knowledge partners and the country’s iconic industry leaders through Masterclasses from their vast experience.
To motivate and build more young entrepreneurs Accelerate Entrepreneurship is another course that has been specially developed from GP Accelerator curriculum and experience. This is a robust course delivered by country’s leading startup founders and cofounders.
We need to prepare our youth with Future Skills to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Thus, in partnership with Cisco Network Academy, we are offering courses for STEM and Business students to enhance their skills in IOT, Programming and Cyber Security.
GP Academy offers a unique blended learning model primarily delivered through online learning management. There are also live classes by experts and industry leaders for unique guidance and mentorship. The program has delivered two cohorts of more than 300 university students over the last two years through the GP Explorers program. These students have spoken up and acknowledged the clear positive impact of the skills gained through this period of attachment with Grameenphone Explorers. 
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