Check-In is a managed application service that allows you to quickly set up a data collection and field force monitoring service for your organization.

Check-in service is usable in variety of use cases for FMCG, NGO, Pharmaceuticals, Survey, Disaster Management and more. To let us know of any usage requirement and query please email your contact to

A super simple customizable application that can collect data, image and location. Also, mapping of point of interest (POS, Outlet etc.) and live tracking is made easy. Most the data downloadable in .csv format, so that you can add you on magic with excel.

Package Basic
Price/user/month (BDT) 100/-
Package Basic Price/user/month (BDT) 100/- VAT and Tax will be deducted as per govt rules.

Check-In is Simple, Easy, very limited features with wide usability. Below feature are available

  • Create your own mobile application data collection form in minutes. This platform allows you to design your form on the web site and it automatically updates the mobile application.
  • You can collect data in your customized form with pictures
  • You can restrict picture from gallery or camera
  • Collected data with location creates a map trail on google map
  • Live location tracking available on demand
  • Simple and easy. Can be managed by business users
  • Suitable for FMCG, NGO, Pharmaceuticals, Survey, Disaster Management and more.

User Manual and relevant tutorial can be found in:

Q: Do I need to know programming to design application?
A: No. You will only need basic knowledge about internet and smart phone usage.

Q: What kind of mobile phone it supports?
A: All major android variant is supported.

Q: Our official phone is in kiosk mode and does not support Google play store. How can we use it?
A: Application download link is sent to user with SMS and does not require play store access.

Q:We do not want to tack our users only need it for data collection, is it possible.
A:Yes. Live tracking agent is an independent companion tool and can be excluded if required by policy.

Q:How many users can we create?
A:Limited by number of purchased user subscription.

Q:Is there any limitation on number of data and image submission?
A:Fair usage policy restricts one thousand submission / user / month

Q:How long will you retain data and image?
A:All data will be kept for 90 days, unless specified otherwise.