1. What's the eligibility and criteria to buy M2M Plan?

Interested entities can subscribe to this M2M Plan as soon as they will be able to complete the subscription process.

2. What Documents are required to buy M2M Plan?

Existing GP Enterprise Customer: Simply contact your Key Account Manager. Requires signing an additional subscription form.New GP Enterprise Customer: Please call 222 or place your interest through the following link: www.grameenphone.com/business/internetofthings/contact-us

3. Can I migrate to M2M Plan?

Yes, all our GPCONNECT (Advanced M2M) clients can migrate/remain with any M2M Plan as per their choice. For migration please contact to your key account manager.

4. What about roaming on M2M Plan?

For the time being, roaming is not available for M2M Plans.

5. How to purchase M2M Plan?

For an overall customer journey on availing M2M Plan, visit the following link: www.grameenphone.com/business/internetofthings/how-to-get-m2m-plan

6. Will the unused data be carry forwarded?

No, the unused data shall not be carry forwarded to the next cycle.

7. How do I know about remaining data volume of my M2M plan?

Please visit m2m.grameenphone.com/portal to get details about your remaining data volume..

8. How do I get discounts on data package?

Based on the no. of connections availed by your organization, a volume-incentivized discounting scheme may apply. For further information, please contact your Key-Account Manager to discuss.

9. What is the Credit Limit that shall apply for each connection of M2M Plan?

The credit limit for each connection shall be determined by the credit history & nature of volume packs subscribed by your organization.