MyGP Enterprise

MyGP Enterprise is a self service portal for Enterprise Business Customers. This tool will empower the Company Authorized Person to avail a host of enterprise services through a self-service model. Users will also be able to execute and escalate different request through this system. That will enhance the operational excellence of our valued business customers by reducing dependency and it will ensure faster execution to avail different services. Gradually Grameenphone will incorporate new options in this tool to make it the one stop portal for all services.

Connection Status
  • Loyalty Status
  • Subscription Type
  • Bar/Unbar Status
  • Roaming Package
  • Bill Cycle
Postpaid Credit Limit
  • Security Deposit
  • Credit Limit
  • Total Credit Limit
  • Minimum Payment to Unbar
  • Credit Limit Change Request
Prepaid Balance Info
  • Main Balance
  • SMS Balance
  • Data Balance
  • Minute Balance
  • Last 5 Recharge History
  • Internet Package Name
  • Internet Package NamPackage Activation Date
  • Internet Package NamPackage Expiry Date
  • Internet Package NamRemaining Volume (MB)
  • Internet Package NamInternet Activation for Single Number
  • Internet Package NamInternet Activation for Bulk
Postpaid Bill Info
  • Last Billed Amount (Local & IR)
  • Unbilled Amount (Local & IR)
  • Total Outstanding Amount (Local & IR)
  • Last 5 Payment Histoty
  • Postpaid Summary Bill
  • Local Invoice (upcoming)
  • IR Invoice (upcoming)

To get access in MyGP Enterprise portal, please contact with respective Account Manager.