Audio Conference

What is Audio Conferencing

Grameenphone Audio Conferencing is a highly scalable carrier-grade solution designed to meet even the most demanding large-party needs such as investor calls, partner briefings and employee town halls in a toll-quality manner. Customized features such as roll-call, dial-outs, lecture mode, mute/unmute and many others could be seamlessly added to make the overall conferencing experience highly professional and engaging for participants.

Business Benefits
Our solution enables businesses to conduct on-demand conference calls anytime, anywhere. Be it meetings, trainings, brainstorming sessions, team calls; Grameenphone Audio Conferencing service is designed to scale and support all kinds of needs.
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    Crystal clear
    HD-quality voice
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    Designed to scale
    up or down
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    Suited for all
    conferencing needs
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    Dial-in and
    dial-out services
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    Managed service
    options available
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    Extremely simple
    to operate
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    Customized messages
    and greetings

Grameenphone Audio Conferencing services are available in standard and managed-service options. While the standard offering suffices for most of the conferencing needs, our operator-assisted managed audio services are crafted for structured events like Investor Relations calls media briefings and more.

  • Dial-out availability
  • Connect to any local/international number
  • 24x7 support
  • Roll-calls for structured conferencing needs
  • Mute/unmute the attendees during a call cast
  • Controlled Q&A sessions so that one attendee speaks at a time
  • Calls can be extended seamlessly, without any interruption
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Host has the option to limit the number of participants
  • Dial-outs could be disabled to avoid calling to high-cost routes
Conduct On Demand Conference Calls
Conduct instant conference calls high quality and professional audio conference service - anywhere, anytime with 24x7 support.
  • Contact your Account Manager
  •  Trade License (For Private Organization)
  • Work Order (Both for Government & Private Organizations)
  • 2 Copies of Passport Sized Photographs
  • NID (For Bangladeshi) / Passport (For Foreigners)
  • Submit the documents
  • Document verification
  • Agreement Signing
  • Activation
  • User receives conference credentials via e-mail

What is Audio Conferencing?

Audio Conferencing is a telephone meeting conducted between multiple separate callers with all lines connected through a conferencing bridge. It increases productivity by enabling collaboration at any time and from any location.

Why do I need Audio Conferencing?

It is an excellent way to collaborate without physically bringing people together. You can discuss pros and cons, strategies for success and make decisions, bringing key players together in a conference without spending huge amounts of time and money. Audio teleconferences save time and travel cost.

How do businesses / enterprises utilize voice conferencing?

Some of the features that offer benefits include:
Sales and marketing / new product announcements / marketing co-ordination / pre-sales activities / forecasting / new trend discussions / Public relations analysis conference calls / promotional reviews / special events / kick-offs / Project management / coordinating critical meetings / business decisions / Financial Investments / banking activities / branch meetings

What are the standard features of Grameenphone Audio Conferencing service?

Sr. No. Feature Description
1 Entry/Exit Tone
2 Mute/Unmute – Individual
3 Mute/Unmute – Group
4 Conference Lock/Unlock
5 Participant Count
6 Dial Out
7 Recurring Calls
8 Contacts and Groups
9 Call Notifications
10 Post Call Report
11 Question and Answer Session
12 Polling
13 Black listing and Whitelisting
14 Event Calls
15 Lecture Mode

What are the security features of Grameenphone Audio Conferencing Service?

  • Roll Call: This feature allows Moderator to record name of each participant joining conference. 
  • Lock/Unlock Conference: This feature allows the Moderator to lock the conference once the all the invited participants have joined the conference. No other participant can join once the conference is locked. 
  • Change PINs: Moderator can change Conference PINs (MPIN & PPIN) to enhance security of conference.
  • What is the Conference Dial-in number?
  • Conference dial-in number is the audio bridge access number. Participants or moderators can join the conference by dialing dial-in number followed by MPIN or PPIN.
  • How Moderator and Participants join the conference?
    • Moderator: Moderator can join the conference by dialing the dial-in number followed by Moderator PIN (MPIN). Moderator can also join using Call Me feature from Web User Portal or Mobile application.
    • Participant: Participant can join the conference by dialing the dial-in number followed by Participant PIN (PPIN). Moderator can also dial-out to participants from Web User Portal or Mobile application.
  • Can I have dial-in and dial-out access in a single conference?
  • Yes. Participants or Moderator can join conference by either dialing the dial-in number or Moderator can trigger dial-out calls to participants.
  • Can I dial Conference Dial-in number from my mobile?
  • Yes. You can dial this number from any mobile phone.
  • Can I use any phone to join the conference?
  • Yes. You can use any telephone to join the conference.
  • Can Moderator or Participants join conference from anywhere?
  • Yes. You Moderator or Participants can join conference from anywhere in the world.
  • What happens if I have more participants than the subscribed limit?
  • Once the maximum limit of participants is reached, new participants trying to dial-in hear the message: "The conference is full. You cannot join."
  • Is there a limit on the number of conferences I can have?
  • No. There is no limit on number of conference that you can schedule.
  • Can participants call from international locations?
  • Yes Participants can join from any location in the world.
  • How will I know whether a participant is in conference?
  • You can run the roll call using DTMF, bridge IVR announces the names of all participants present in the conference (if they have recorded their names at the time of joining the conference using Roll Call feature).
  • How do I know how many people are there in my conference?
  • You can use “Play Participant Count” feature which announces number of participants in the conference
  • Can a conference start without Moderator?
  • Yes. Conference can be started without Moderator but if ‘Wait for Moderator’ setting is enabled, participants will hear Hold music till the moderator joins conference.
  • What is a Reservation less conference room?
  • Reservation less conference room is your permanent conference room that can be joined at any time and contains permanent pins.
  • What is a Reserved/One-time conference?
  • Reserved conference is a conference that is time bound and contains unique one-time conference Pins. Reserved conferences can only be joined 5 minutes before scheduled start time and cannot be joined after scheduled end time.
  • What is a Recurring conference?
  • A recurring conference has multiple schedules under one conference with all schedules containing same Pins. You can schedule recurring conference with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. type of occurrences.
  • How can I manage my conferences?
  • You can use web portal or mobile applications (iOS and Android) to manage your conferences.
  • Can I manage my conferences from Microsoft Outlook?
  • You can use our Microsoft Outlook plug-in to manage your conferences.
  • How many people can attend a conference?
  • It depends on the maximum number of participants requested at the time of subscription for the service. You can also define the number of participants while scheduling a conference.
  • What is the minimum number of participants required to start a conference'?
  • Even two users (the Moderator and another participant) can start a conference.
  • Can I invite more participants than the required limit?
  • Yes. You can invite more participants than required limit but only those number of participants can join that were defined at the time of scheduling the conference.
  • Can I change PINs of my conference?
  • Yes. You can change Pins of your reservation less or reserved conference from either Web portal or Mobile applications.
  • How do I invite participants in my conference?
  • You can invite participants by three ways:
    1. Outlook Calendar
    2. Email
    3. SMS
  • How can I know who all joined my conference?
  • You can check conference logs from either from Web User Portal or Mobile applications.
  • Can I re-schedule or cancel my conference?
  • Yes. You can re-schedule or delete/cancel your conference either from Web User Portal or Mobile applications.
  • Can I view all participants who joined my conference in real time?
  • Yes. You can view and control your conference in real time using Live Console on Web User Portal. Live Console shows conference and participant details in real time.
  • Can I control my conference using DTMF commands?
  • Yes. There are several DTMF commands through which you can control your conference. There are separate set of DTMF commands for Moderator and Participants like Mute/Unmute, Lock/Unlock, etc. You can view all DTMF commands from Web User Portal.
  • I forgot my password, how can I retrieve or reset my password?
  • Click to forgot password on web portal to reset your password.
  • Can I change my password?
  • Yes. You can change your password either from Web User Portal or Mobile applications.