Smart Attendance

Grameenphone Smart Attendance is IoT based standalone, smart, hassle-free, wireless, biometric, cloud-based attendance management system for B2B segments.

The device ensures fingerprint authentication and uploads the information via GPRS/NB-IoT to secure Cloud Server in real-time. The software is capable of being tailored according to the organizational need and structure. With different reporting, data representation, leave management and many other features, the combined hardware-software solution can provide the edge, which is needed for an organization.

Pricing Details

Get our Smart Attendance device at only BDT 16,000.

Software Package:

You can subscribe to yearly software at below pricing:

Basic Intermediate Advance
4000 5200 6000

*5% govt. levies will be applicable on the above mentioned software price.

For bulk purchase, please contact to your Key Account Manager.


Product Features

RFID Reader
GPRS Connectivity
Battery Backup
Cloud Based
Software Panel / Mobile App
Central Monitoring
API Integration
Remote Access


Product Benefits

Productivity & Efficiency
Through monitoring and managing attendance
Quick snapshot of all planned and unplanned absences in a single dashboard for whole organization
Workflow Management
An integrated attendance management system can provide good visibility of all data and can ease the workflow of payrolls, leaves and performance reviews
Data Accuracy
Avoid inaccurate records which can cost organization additional money in overtime payment
In today’s global, well-connected environment under a single dashboard
Real-time tracking
Cloud-based attendance management enables real-time tracking

To know more details, please contact your Key Account Manager or send email to

How it works

The device ensures fingerprint matching of users and sends the information via GPRS/NB-IoT to a secure Cloud Server. All these data are presented in such a way that adds value to the administration immediately.

  • Remove the screw at the bottom of the device that connects the device with metal back plate.
  • Drill 4 holes in the wall, matching the holes in the metal back plate.
  • The device should be installed such that the bottom of the device is 45-48 inches above the floor.
  • Attach the metal back plate to the wall using the included screws.
  • Attach the device with the metal back plate and secure it with the screw.
  • Connect the device to the adapter and turn it on using the switch on the right side of the device

Setup and Manage

The enrollment process consists of below steps.

Tabs will be shown in the site like below:

Give the device permission to enter Enrollment Mode:

  • Download GP Smart Attendance app from Playstore
  • Login using the credentials that will be provided
  • Open the side menu and select People
  • Press the Add button and create a new profile for the employee
  • Select the newly created profile and select the Device ID and press Start from the Enrollment Section

Entering Enrollment Mode on the device:

  1. Press and hold the sync button on the left side of the device until you hear a beep and let go.
  2. The display will confirm that the device has entered Enrollment Mode.

Enrolling Fingerprint:

  1. The person needs to scan the finger 3 times (same way in same direction/angle) for each finger, by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. After 3 successful scans, he/she will be asked to verify the fingerprint. It can be verified as many times as needed.
  3. To enroll next finger single press and release the sync button again.
  4. To exit Enrollment Mode and resume normal operation, single press the sync button once more.

Choose Ideal Fingers to Enroll:
If a finger is injured or scratched, it is recommended to use another finger.
The index finger and middle finger are preferred for enrolling fingerprints. Other fingers may have a lower recognition rate because those fingers tend to have difficulty being placed at the center of the fingerprint sensor.

Installation Video

Smart Solutions



Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Matching Speed < 0.5 sec (1: N)
RFID Card Capacity Up to 60,000
Logs 5,00,000
False Acceptance Rate 0.001%
False Rejection Rate 0.001%
Communication GPRS/NB-IoT
Battery Backup 4 Hours
Input Voltage 9V-30V
Input Current 1.5A
Module Features Basic Intermediate Advanced
Dashboard Overall attendance scenerio Yes Yes Yes
Brach/Location/Office wise color based graphical summary Yes Yes Yes
Dept./category wise color based graphical summary No No Yes
Live Attendance Feed No Yes Yes
Event Calendar No Yes Yes
Profile & Employee Information Management Employee Data Base Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Info with Image No Yes Yes
Document Storage No No Yes
Employment History No Yes Yes
Set Leave Approver No No Yes
Individual Log-in No Yes Yes
Edit Leave Policy/report/shift No Yes Yes
Attendance Management Manual Entry (Admin Approval) Yes Yes Yes
Manual Entry (Individual Access) No Yes Yes
Out of office attendance No Yes Yes
Excluding selective employees from attendance report No Yes Yes
Temporary Device Permission Management No No Yes
Email Report (Automatic) No Single Email Acc Unlimited
Automatic Warning for Late Entry No Yes Yes
Late Approval No No Yes
Attendance Reports Detailed Attendance Report Yes Yes Yes
Marking for Late Entry,Early Exit, Weekend, Holiday, Absent, On Leave Yes Yes Yes
Filter Options Yes Yes Yes
Summary Report Yes Yes Yes
Customized Report No Yes Yes
Export Report Yes Yes Yes
Graphical Attendance Trend Analysis No Yes Yes
Shift Management Set Shift Timing Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Shift Management No Yes Yes
Night Shift Management No Yes Yes
Roastering with Shift Rotation No No Yes
Leave Management Leave Entry by Admin Yes Yes Yes
Customized Leave Category & Policy Yes Yes Yes
Customized leave category assign No Yes Yes
Leave Application and Approval No Yes Yes
Leave History No Yes Yes
Leave Reports No Yes Yes
Half Day Leave No No Yes
Long Term Leave with Attendance Report Exclusion No No Yes
Pending Approval Notification No Yes Yes
Overtime Management Overtime setup No Yes Yes
Overtime Reports No Yes Yes
Showing OT time in attendance reports No Yes Yes
Overtime Approval No No Yes
Employee Overtime Hour Limit No No Yes
Roaster Planning No No Yes
Settings Set Up Organizational Structure Yes Yes Yes
Set Hierarchy No Yes Yes
Weekly Offday Management One Policy Multiple Policies Multiple Policies
Holiday Management Yes Yes Yes
Access Control User Login One Admin Account All Employee Login All Employee Login
Multiple Devices in 1 Location Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Location Data in Single Account Yes Yes Yes
3 Layer Access Control No Yes Yes
Customized Access Control No No Yes
Batch Tool Bulk Allocation panel No Yes Yes
Permission Allow or revoke permission from a device from the software Yes Yes Yes
Smart Phone Application Both Android and iOS Yes Yes Yes


  • What is Grameenphone Smart Attendance Device?
    Grameenphone Smart Attendance Device is an IoT tool for monitoring attendance of employees of an organization in real-time, in a hassle-free way & even from a remote environment in a web browser or an android app. The attendance information can be monitored through an android app. It doesn’t require any dedicated PC, complex wiring or separate internet connection for the device.
  • How much I must pay?
    Please check the pricing tab for details.
  • What about the after sales service
    You will get the privilege of Grameenphone call center and technical backup.
  • What will be the Warranty period?
    It comes with 1-year replacement warranty period
  • Do I need to connect a laptop/PC to the device to get attendance reports?
    No, you can access the reports remotely from any browser of any PC or mobile app with proper login credentials.
  • Does the device have a battery backup?
    Yes, it has a built-in battery backup of up to 4 hours, which can support the device and keep the system up & running in case of any power failure or load-shedding.
  • Do I need an additional internet connection for the device?
    No, the device has built-in GPRS connectivity through which it can send data to the web/android application.
  • From where can I download the software/app?
    You can download the android app from the google play store (for android) or from app store (for iOS). Go to google play store/ app store and search “Grameenphone smart attendance”
  • Is it possible to get any on-site training for software configuration and using instruction?
    Yes, it is possible to get on-site training support for software & total system. There will be additional charges applicable for this support.
  • How much time device will take to match each fingerprint?
    Device will take less than 1 sec to match (<0.5sec)
  • Is iOS version being also available?
    Yes, you can download from app store.
  • What is maximum capacity of this device?
    Device can have up to 3000 fingerprints record
  • How many months’ history can be viewed on the report?
    System can fetch up to 6 previous month’s attendance report.
  • How many Employees can be covered with one device?
    For One Device 2 fingerprint/person 3 fingerprint/person 4 fingerprint/person
      1500 1000 750
  • Is installation and commissioning included to the price?
    No, it will be applicable separately.