Sales Automation

“Field Buzz Sales & Distribution Automation” is designed in a flexible way for catering the need for FMCG or non-FMCG, large or small enterprises. It is based on a cloud-based web-management interface and a mobile app, which is used by field reps. Easy-to-use and offline capability make it very easy for field workers to input data during performing the following instances:

  • Maintaining Sales CRM:
  • register new customers with geo-smart location and time-stamp
  • instant database of past transactions
  • Collecting sales orders and completing delivery
  • record orders, complete delivery & gather payment information
  • receive customer complaint
  • Managing inventory and stock
  • submit request for new stocks
  • conduct stock lifting, transfer or return 
  • access inventory and stock balance reports
  • Managing employees’ own activities
  • submit TA-DA and other bills 
  • submit monthly route program 
  • manage tasks and update status

Information that employees record in the field is synced to web panel automatically and is therefore accessible for the managers in real time. The data is stored and displayed in an organized manner, enabling the company management to easily keep track, view, analyze and react to all the information coming in from the field with tools like graphs, maps, alerts, and targets.”


Package Basic Standard Advanced
Price/user/month (BDT) 99/- 199/- 299/-

VAT and Tax will be deducted as per govt rules.

Features Basic Standard Advance
Registration of retailers
Flexible product catalogue
Secondary sales (order/delivery/sale)
Route tracking
Payment collection
Web-based admin panel
Basic reporting/dashboard
Interactive maps
Automatic GPS based locations
Offline support capability
QR based shop identification
Bangla language support
Enterprise grade cloud & backups
Set up & training X
Route scheduling X
Market visit X
Invoice printing X
Credit management X
Advanced reporting/dashboard X
Data export X
News & announcements X
Inventory management X X
Dynamic surveys & market research X X
TA-DA management X X
Task management X X
Targets X X
Alerts X X
Primary Sales (distributors) X X
Minimum User Requirement 10 10 10

Video Tutorials for the Basic Package: App

1. How to install the Field Buzz android app:

2. How to log in and how to reset the password if necessary:

3. How to connect to the help desk:

4. How to change the language:

5. How to add a new shop:

6. How to find a shop using a QR code:

7. How to edit the information of a shop:

8. How to perform order & delivery:

9. How to perform a direct sale:

10. How to check user and shop history:

Mission Control (Web Panel)

1. How to check web-based admin panel and reset password:

2. How to check activity reports on the map:

3. How to add and edit product information:

4. How to add and schedule routes:

5. How to add and import new employees:

6. How to add new shops:

7. How to import new shops using excel sheets:

8. How to perform sales and payment from the web:


1. What type of device is needed to use the app?

These are the minimum requirements for an android device to use the app –
  • Android 5.0 or higher.
  • 1 GB RAM or higher.
  • 500 MB free storage space or higher.
  • 50 MB internet (for first time only).

Pre installation FAQ

1. Does it work in iOS, or in Windows phone?
No, currently Field Buzz app is only offered for android devices. However, we have plan to support iOS in the future.

2. What android version does it require?
It requires at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

3. Is there any installation fee?
No. Currently there is no installation fee. In the future, we may charge a one-time installation fee.

4. Will you provide training/ technical support?
Yes, we provide training in a batch of 10/15 users. Technical supports are always available during work hours. For large organizations and field force in distant location, we will provide ToT (Training of Trainers).

5. My field force are not the most technologically bright people, can they use the app?
Of course. Our solution requires minimal technological knowledge. Our design is so simple that even rickshaw-van pullers can use it.

Google play or app installation related FAQ:

1. Why cannot I find the Field Buzz Sales app on the Google Play Store?
The app is supports Android OS 5.0 or higher. You will not be able to see the app on the Google play store if the phone has an android version lower than 5.0.

2. How to update Google Play Services?
Go to a trusted APK hosting site (for example - and search for “Google Play Services”. Download the latest version of the app and install it on your phone.

3. My app is showing “Field Buzz app is not responding” –
Clear the RAM by cleaning the recent app drawer. You can also use trusted cleaner apps from the play store.

4. I cannot open the app –
Go to app settings and check if all the permissions are allowed. If all the permissions are allowed, restart the app and log in By: Field Information Solutions GmbH (“Field Buzz” brand software) Date of this version: 13/06/2019

5. How to update the app?
Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Field Buzz Sales” app. If there is a new update, you will see an “Update” button. Tap the button to update your app.

6. I cannot update the app because there is no “Update” button in the Google Play Store –
This is a cache related problem of the Google Play Store. Go to app settings and clear the cache of the Google Play Store. If a new update is available, you will be able to see the update button.

Internet related FAQ:

1. Is it necessary to always stay connected to the internet to use the “Field Buzz Sales” app?
No. It is only mandatory to stay connected to the internet during the first login in the Field Buzz Sales app.After that, the app will be fully functional even if internet connection is not available. However, the managers will not be able to check the field activity if a field user is using the app in offline mode. Whenever that field user will be online again, the offline data will be available for the manager on the Mission Control.

2. “Field Buzz Sales” app is consuming too much internet –
The app is designed to consume as less data as possible. Most of our downloadable and uploadable data are text files and some are image files. The text files do not cross the KB (kilobyte) range. The images that are uploaded are compressed and optimized so that they do not consume much data as well.

Sync related FAQ:

1. “Sync failed” is showing, what should I do?
Check if there is any internet connection. If you are using mobile data, see if there is sufficient data pack available. If the problem still persists, take a screenshot of the sync failed message and send it to the customer support executive through a helpline number.

General FAQ:

1. What should I do if my mobile hangs?
Restart your phone. Then launch the Field Buzz Sales app and log in using your username and password.

2. What should I do if I forgot my password?
Contact your office admin/manager. He has the access to reset your password.

3. What should I do if my activity data is not shown on the Mission Control?
Clear the RAM by cleaning the recent app drawer. You can also use trusted cleaner apps from the play store.

4. What should I do if I need to add an area/route/territory?
By: Field Information Solutions GmbH (“Field Buzz” brand software) Date of this version: 13/06/2019 Initially, we add all the areas/routes/territories executive wise while setting up the system. We collect this information from a managerial personnel and regularly. If the data is already not available, please request your office admin to add it to your profile.

5. Can I have my data, if/when I stop using your service?
Yes, you can have your data if you decide to discontinue service.

6. Can I add/remove modules to my existing package?
Yes, you can add or remove any module any time you ask without any hassle.

Basic package related FAQ:

1. Do I have to register a retailer every time?
No. Registration is needed only once. After that, you can complete the activities for that retail point by going into its profile every time.

2. Can I edit the product price/name from the app?
The admin has the access to edit product name/price from the Mission Control. This function is not available for the app. Please contact your office admin if anything needs to be changed.

3. Can I add two/multiple QR stickers to one retail point/customer?
No. Only one QR code can be assigned to a retail point/customer at any instance. If another code is assigned, the previous code will become inactive. This way, always the latest assigned QR code will be active and all other codes will be inactive for a retail point/customer.

4. My manager is not seeing the Order/Delivery/Visit I submitted –
Check if the data was submitted in offline mode. If there is an internet connection, check the data pack. If the internet connection is ok, press Sync to force upload your activities instantly so that your manager can see them from the mission control.

5. Can I uninstall the app after submitting a transaction?
The app is capable of storing offline data. If you uninstall the app without uploading any offline data in the app, that data will not be available any more. It is recommended that you always contact a customer support executive before uninstalling the app.

Standard package related FAQ:

1.Can I visit a route if it is not scheduled today?
The app allows the user to visit non-scheduled route. However, it is up to the manager to decide whether it is accepted or not.

2. Can I visit the same retail point/customer multiple times?
Yes you can. Separate activities will be uploaded to the server each time you submit a visit.

3. Can I update/edit a visit after submitting it?
Visit cannot be edited or updated after it is already submitted. By: Field Information Solutions GmbH (“Field Buzz” brand software) Date of this version: 13/06/2019

4. Why am I not receiving news immediately?
News is received when the app syncs with the server automatically after a certain time interval. Please press sync to manually sync with the server instantly.

Pro package related FAQ:

1. Can I edit a survey after submitting?
You can save a survey as draft multiple times before submitting it. But after the submitting is complete, it cannot be changed. Mission Control related FAQ:

2. What should I do if I face problems with navigating the mission control?
In the beginning, it is normal to not get used to the navigation across the system. Often, you might look for a report on a different menu. Click the (i) button on top of each page to check for immediate instructions for that page. If further help is needed, please take assistance from our customer support executive. If the issue persists, please submit a request for a quick training via email.

3. What should I do if I am not seeing my team’s latest activity on the mission control?
To preserve battery life and mobile data, it is normal for users to use the app in offline mode. If the user is not online, it is not possible to show his most recent data on the Mission Control. To make sure you are seeing the latest information, please make sure your field user’s data is fully synced.

4. What should I do if I did not receive an update on the mission control?
Recent updates are usually not available immediately on the mission control. You will have to use hard refresh to receive any new changes immediately. Please press CTRL+SHIFT+R to initiate hard refresh on any web page.

5. How to check dashboard/map reports using filters?
After setting up the filters, it is not immediately applied to the reports. To apply the filters, it is mandatory to press the “update report” button.