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Infrastructure Sharing, a new dimension in the Telecommunications Industry aims at optimizing the use of existing resources. As the owner of the largest telecommunication infrastructure and resources, Grameenphone is interested in sharing its passive infrastructure with other operators following the Regulatory Guidelines of Bangladesh.

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Infrastructure Sharing Business focuses on two main products - Passive Infrastructure Sharing and Transmission Sharing.

Passive Infrastructure Sharing:

Grameenphone Ltd. owns approximately 15,000 sites all over Bangladesh which can be shared with others, subject to technical feasibility. Sharable passive infrastructure includes 12m-70m towers or masts, common room space, equipment shelter or roof, generator room, cooling system, AC/DC power, generator power, common grounding system, security arrangement as applicable. As per tower sharing guidelines, Grameenphone Ltd. can share its own passive infrastructure only with Tower Co licensees. Other operators may avail these services from the respective Tower Co. To learn more about these products, please click on “Product Catalog”.

Transmission Sharing:

Grameenphone Ltd. has the best quality transmission network with geo-diversity, comprising of its own fiber and that of other NTTNs, including Bangladesh Railway. Additionally, the company has the largest super quality MW network that connects all its remote sites to its central location. As per the current regulation, the excess capacity from GP’s own network can be shared with NTTN licensees. Other operators may avail this transmission service from NTTNs. Transmission sharing includes Dark Fiber, Point to Point (P2P) TDM capacity up to STM-64, Point to Point (P2P) L2 and L3 from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps etc. subject to technical feasibility. To learn more about these products please click on “Product Catalog”.


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