7 Tech Trends set to impact digitization in 2019 unveils Telenor Group report

Jan 17 2019

Seven technology trends stand to reshape how we consume, connect and perceive the world around us in 2019, says Telenor Research.  

(Dhaka-January 14, 2019): Grameenphone, the strongest and the fastest growing mobile network with a subscriber base of 72 million customers, has today revealed in a report listing the seven most anticipated tech trends for 2019 at panel discussion held at GPHouse. The report was presented by Bjorn Hansen, Vice President, Telenor Research.

Scientists and technology analysts of Telenor Research, Telenor Group’s research arm, each year reveals this report highlighting top seven trends which they believe will define the year to come. The breakthrough topics this year contain the likes of Deepfake, Artificial Intelligence, mass expansion of 5G, emergence of mass industrial IoT, voice activated chat-bots for homes, and tech awareness factors such as screen time control and mobile-driven green technology. As Bangladesh continues its journey in attaining its vision of a Digital Bangladesh, the country is expected to experience these new global trends.

As a part of the report launch, a panel discussion was also arranged where Grameenphone’s CEO, Michael P. Foley, Hasan Rahman Ratan, Managing Director, Datasoft Manufacturing & Assembly Inc. Ltd, Hussain Elius, CEO, Pathao, Reduan Hasan Khan, Head of ICT Business, Grameenphone, Soaiba Sarwat Synthia, Head of Digital & Analytics Operation, Grameenphone were also present in the event and took part in the Panel Discussion.

“The world of technology is constantly evolving. With exciting innovation – which we point to this year in greater scale than ever – comes the need for reflection, pragmatism and perspective. We think that the tech pendulum is swinging in that direction in 2019. In the end, we all want the assurance that technology – no matter how many steps ahead of us it might seem – can fit into our lives safely, sensibly and positively” reflects Bjørn Taale Sandberg, Head of Telenor Research.

Telenor research believes that advanced algorithms will enable the creation of doctored photos and videos or deepfake content so advanced that it would be difficult to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake in the digital world. 2019 will also see internet service providers, operators and regulators look seriously into mitigating deepfake content, and widespread public awareness campaigns against it.

Though the developments of 5G has already caught imaginations worldwide, 2019 will be the first year when communities will experience the true potential of it. 2019 will see commercial advances in 5G along with the first marketing campaigns. From self-driving auto-steered buses to automated fisheries, from data driven TV and fixed broadband to potential applications of 5G-powered remote surgery – the 5G floodgates will open in 2019, paving the way for commercial services to hit the market in 2020.

The report predicts 2019 to be the year when industrial IoT customers will witness the transition from prototypes to large scale commercial deployments in low-power wide-area (LPWA) ecosystems. we It is expected that industries to roll out large scale IoT, particularly within the arenas of smart cities, industrial manufacturing and process industries, such as shipping, traffic and transport monitoring and fisheries.

The report also points towards the transition from text-based chatbots to voice-activated chatbots. Voice-activated chatbots are expected to take a leap in effectively managing daily house routines with smarter voice-recognition applications. By the end of 2019, voice-activated chatbots are expected to maximize its presence in the market for domestic use.

With the vast increase in the use of technology and digitalization due to high demand, there is also an upsurge for limiting digital screen time. Awareness of screen time and its effects on people is becoming widespread. Following some early movers, people will increasingly use screen time tracking apps, night-time and do-not-disturb modes on phones, as developers tune the smartphone experience to enable us to have more control over the use of these devices. Developments in the marketplace as a result of increased screen time awareness and discipline will rise in 2019.

The report also suggests that mobile-driven green technology has been creating awareness amongst consumers focusing on reducing wastes and increasing eco-friendly habits for people across the globe. Bangladesh has already seen new initiatives like reduction of food wastes, car-sharing platforms, bicycle – only food delivery services and electric cars; mark their presence in 2017-18. More eco-friendly policies and newer initiatives are expected to expand its presence in the market.

CEO of Grameenphone, Michael P. Foley stated, “It is a great sign that Bangladesh is adapting quickly with global innovations. Upcoming global trends mentioned in the report clearly points out how industries, companies and startups across the country should prepare themselves. With this integration between technology, lifestyle and industries, we can expect to see revolutionary digital services emerge in the country and the evolution of a true digital eco-system. With Grameenphone as the one of the key contributors to the vision of Digital Bangladesh, we will continue to bring new innovations to the market, connect people with what they need most and empower societies.”

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