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GP Points

GP customers (both Prepaid and Postpaid) using MyGP app can earn GP Points for purchasing selected GP Minute & Data packs, Flexiplan packs, Powerload Offer Packs and Data Scratch card recharge.

GP Points can be used to purchase offered packs from MyGP app.

  • Download and use MyGP app to see GP Points balance, to get Data/SMS packs or to Gift GP Points
  • Customers not using MyGP app need to install MyGP app first to start accumulating GP Points
  • Selected GP Minute & Data packs from all channels like Flexiload/MyGP app/ GP Website/USSD code etc. will be considered for GP Points earning
  • GP Point validity will be current year plus 1 year. For example, GP Points earned in 2020 (any date) will be valid till 31st December 2021. But to continue GP Points earning & keep earned GP Points usable customer must visit MyGP app at least once in every calendar month. Meaning, if a customer does not visit MyGP at least once in a calendar month all previous GP Points will be flushed next month.
  • GP Points can be gifted from time to time. If allowed no charge for GP Points Gifting or Receiving & gifting GP Points will not increase validity period
  • In case of Flexiplan pack gifting the sender will get the GP Points & the receiver will get the pack
  • During campaign periods refer MyGP app to other users through MyGP app and earn GP Points
  • Recharge, bill payment, STAR stats change or up gradation not possible using GP Points


Table 1: Point earning packs

OfferValidityMRPGP Points
1GB3 Days3831
1.5GB3 Days4638
3GB3 Days6352
2.5GB7 Days9477
6GB7 Days124102
8GB7 Days128105
10GB7 Days148122
13GB7 Days198163
2GB30 Days197162
3GB30 Days249205
6GB30 Days308253
10GB30 Days349287
12GB30 Days399328
15GB30 Days409336
25GB30 Days499410
80GB30 Days999821
21 Min16 Hrs1411
37 Min24 Hrs2418
750 Min + 25GB + 300SMS30 Days598449
1000 Min + 25GB30 Days796597
512MB+30 Min3 Days3728
2GB + 50 Min7 Days9773
1.5GB + 200 Min30 Days158119
8GB + 250 Min30 Days359269
0.25GB3 Days1311
5GB (Bioscope)30 Days5243
2.5GB3 Days5747
3.5GB3 Days6957
5GB7 Days11494
5GB30 Days299246
15GB30 Days498409
0.5GB3 Days2823
1GB7 Days7763
45 Min7 Days3325
67 Min4 Days4433
77 Min7 Days5340
90 Min7 Days5944
120 Min7 Days7859
160 Min7 Days9974
190 Min10 Days11788
240 Min7 Days150113
300 Min7 Days182137
310 Min + 512MB30 Days199149
350 Min15 Days233175
480 Min30 Days298224
100 Min7 Days6448
500 Min + 512MB30 Days307230
1000 Min + 1GB30 Days604453
200MB3 Days97
350MB3 Days1916
200MB + 35  Min3 Days2418
300Min + 3GB30 Days309232
500Min + 15GB + 10SMS30 Days548411
10GB + 350 Min30 Days448336
25GB + 1500 Min30 Days1096823
40GB30 Days649533
120GB30 Days14991231
200GB30 Days19991642
335 Min30 Days207155
225 Min30 Days147110

* Flexi plan packs (Customers will accumulate GP Points from all Flexiplan pack purchase. In case of flexiplan pack gifting the sender will get the GP Points)
** Powerload offer packs (Customers will get GP Points only if any of the above packs is purchased as Powerload offer)

Table 2: Redemption Packs (to be availed from MyGP app)

Redemption Packs
PackValidity (Days)GP Points Required
30MB Bioscope Streaming volume
with free Bioscope Prime Pass
200 SMS7902
125 MB31251
300 MB32401
1 GB Bioscope Streaming volume
with free Bioscope Prime Pass
1.5 GB34351
1.5 GB78001
2.5 GB35201
5.5 GB711401
2 GB3022301
4 GB3029001