Text-only Facebook and Messenger

Text-only Facebook is an offer that helps Grameenphone customers stay connected more consistently. When customers run out of data, text-only Facebook enables them to remain connected and access important text-based information online until they have data again. Through this service, people who have run out of data will be able to view text-based information such as the Ministry of Education’s Facebook pages, as well as other education and health information such as the COVID Information Center on Facebook. Students are increasingly using Ministry of Education pages on Facebook to prepare for SSC and HSC examinations, and text-only Facebook and Messenger will allow underprivileged students to stay connected more consistently. If a customer wishes to view photos and videos, they can do so once they have purchased a data pack from Grameenphone.


Discover is a mobile app and web browser that enables people to browse text on the internet without charges for up to 15MB per day and up to 150MB a month. Beyond this, Grameenphone customers can purchase data from Grameenphone to view and access all photos and videos on the internet.

Discover helps those who are under-connected stay connected with access to resources on the internet more consistently. This offer will be especially critical where COVID-19 lockdowns have limited mobility and thus the ability to top-up mobile credit regularly, ensuring that Government information related to health, education, and other important information can be accessible to all users as needed. It will also be an important tool for the students as they prepare for national examinations and will have continued access to text-based exam preparation materials and school notices.

Users of Discover & text-only Facebook in other markets have found that these services are useful to stay connected and to have access to education resources and schoolwork, health information, job tools, and other online resources. We aim to support the Government’s digital connectivity aspirations through these services to bridge the digital gap for unconnected users. Such services will help to achieve the Bangladesh Government’s aspirations to ensure affordable connectivity to all. This is a permanent offer and the detailed offers are shown in the table below:


Offer Summary:

Offer Name Offer Summary
Discover Mobile app and web browser that enables people to browse text on the internet without charges for up to 15MB per day and up to 150MB a month.
Text-only Facebook and Messenger Text-only Facebook and Messenger is an offer for new and existing customer to access Facebook and Messenger without any charge on text format when customer is out of data


T&C for Text-only Facebook and Messenger:

  • Customers will enjoy the text-only browsing option if s/he runs out of data. With data pack activated and having data balance, regular app features will be available with standard data charges.
  • Text-only browsing refers to accessing Facebook app and Messenger without images, videos and other media contents. When a user clicks on an invisible content part, s/he will be asked to activate data packs.
  • For Messenger, emoticons will be available in text-only mode. Other customized stickers, GIFs, animations, etc. will be considered as regular content and those will not be visible while text-only mode is on.
  • A customer can upload photos while s/he is enjoying the text-only mode, but the content will not be visible to the customer.
  • This offer will be applicable in android app and any mobile web browser including Safari.
  • This offer will be applicable for all GP prepaid and postpaid numbers upon complying with the terms and conditions.


T&C for Discover:

  • GP customers can enjoy the offer if they go to 0.discoverapp.com or download the Discover app.
  • Customers can enjoy free browsing of text on the internet through Discover app/mobile web up to 15MB per day and up to 150MB a month. When a customer exceeds the daily/monthly usage limit and does not have data balance, s/he will not be able to access any site until a data pack is purchased.
  • When a customer browses any website with Discover using free data, Discover supports only low-bandwidth traffic. Features including video, audio, streaming, file transfer or certain other types of data-intensive traffic are not supported. While trying to view the said contents on the internet, the customer will be asked to buy data packs from Grameenphone
  • This offer will be applicable for all GP customers upon complying with the terms and conditions.