How Can I Select the Correct Handset for Using International Roaming Service?

The network type (GSM 900/1800/1900/Others) your handset supports must be compatible with the network type of the visiting network. You can check the network types your handset supports from https://www.gsmarena.com.

GP International Roaming Partners (GSM).

Most of the GP's Roaming Partner operators are GSM 900 or 1800. But there are some exceptions such as GSM 850 or 1900 network in North American countries, iden for Nextel, USA, 3G in Japan etc. If your current handset doesn't support this type of network, you can buy or rent (from respective airport) appropriate handset for using in these operators' networks

How Can I Select a Network for Roaming While Traveling Abroad?

While traveling abroad, you can select network in two ways: Usually, your handset will automatically select the strongest network available in that place. While you are moving, your handset may change or switch network automatically depending on network strength of that area.

If “Network Selection” or “Operator Selection” option of your handset is set as 'Manual', you can select any one the available networks in the following way:

  • Go to the "Network Selection", "Phone Setup" or "Settings" option menu (depending on your handset model)
  • Press "Search" & your handset will search for the available networks (this may take few minutes)
  • Available networks will be shown in the display.
  • Select the network you wish to use and stay connected

What Countries/Operators have different International Access Code and What are the Codes?

Most of the country's Int'l Access Code is '+' or '00'. See the following table for a detail list of countries where you will need to use a different Int'l Access Code for making Int'l Calls


Country Int'l Direct Dial Code Country Int'l Direct Dial Code
Abkhazia 810 or + Russia 810
Anguilla 11 Singapore 001(Singtel); 002(MobileOne); 008(Starhub)
Brazil 00xx or + South Africa 9
Cambodia 007 or 001or + St.Kitts & Nevis 11
Cameroon 007 or 001or + St. Lucia 11
Canada 011 or + St. Vicent 11
Cayman Island 011 or + Tanzania 0
Georgia 8~10 or + Tazikistan 10-Aug
Grenada 011 or + Tailand 1
Hong Kong 001 or + Uganda 000 or +
Indonesia  001 or 007 or 008 or + USA 11
Kenya 0 Ukraine 8 -10 or +
Nigeria 9 Uzbekistan 1-Aug
Paraguay 002 or +