Go Abroad, Be Sure!

Monitor and Control your roaming expense by availing Grameenphone TravelSure features.

Grameenphone TravelSure brings attractive offer for you all through the year. So please check before travel what are the exciting TravelSure offers waiting for you!

Also Grameenphone TravelSure brings effective monitoring & notification features including real time data monitoring for you so that you can have a complete picture of your roaming consumption and control the expense as per own plan.

Please check below available offers:

IR status check

Check your current roaming bill status, international credit card status & roaming activation/deactivation status by following the below step from home & abroad:

  • Just dial *121*6*6*1# (free of cost).
  • You will receive a reply SMS with the above information.
This is valid for postpaid customers only.

Usage Alarm

Get automatic SMS notifications regarding your roaming usage by availing TravelSure Usage Alarm feature at free of cost!

  • To activate the feature, please dial *121*6*6*5*1# (free of charge).
  • You will receive SMS notification about your roaming spending at certain levels of consumption while you are on move.
  • To cancel the feature, please dial *121*6*6*5*2# (free of charge).
This is valid for postpaid customers only.

TravelSure Internet

Grameenphone TravelSure brings a unique feature for you to get rid of “Bill-shock” from expensive & unintentional data roaming. Be relaxed and enjoy worry-free data roaming service.

With the “TravelSure Internet ”, you can get any of the below different fixed monthly limit for your roaming data consumption:

TravelSure Internet Limit Usage Notification Temporary cut-off Reconnection
5 MB (default) Yes Yes Yes
20 MB Yes Yes Yes
50 MB Yes Yes Yes
200 MB Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited No No N/A


  • As soon as you start using data, you will start receiving auto-notification about your data consumption at different levels (except Unlimited pack).
  • You can also check your internet pack information and the remaining volume by dialing *121*6*6*3*6#
  • When you will finish your limit, your roaming data service will be temporarily turned off and you will get notification accordingly.
  • At the same time you will have information how to reactivate roaming data if you want to use the service further.
  • To migrate/reconnect TravelSure Internet Limit, please dial *121*6*6*3# and enroll for the desired limit.
  • All the customers will get 5 MB limit for 30 days by default.
  • Validity of the TraveSure Internet Limits will be refreshed after 30 days from setting the limit.
  • There is no change in Tariff for different limits