International SMS

What it is?

International SMS is a very useful service that allows you to exchange SMS with your friends, family members in foreign countries.
Currently, Grameenphone covers 188 countries, 542 operators around the world.
Grameenphone continuously helps subscribers to stay close. This effort is to maintain that promise to subscribers


Find our coverage and international roaming partners here


  • Do I need to sign up for this service?

    This service is automatically activated for all customers (both Postpaid and Prepaid) of Grameenphone

  • Does this mean that I am able to start using this service as of now?


  • Do I need ISD facility to send international SMS?


  • How much do I have to pay for availing this service?

    You don't have to pay anything for availing this service. You only pay for sending SMS.

  • What are the SMS charges?

    Sending SMS to foreign contries will cost you BDT. 2.50 per SMS (15% SD + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff) Receiving SMS is absolutely FREE.

  • Do I get charged for sending or trying to send SMS to operators not mentioned in the coverage list?


    The mobile operators that have SMS connectivity with Grameenphone  in the countries covered are listed in the coverage list. International SMS 'sent' to other operators in those countries (but not included in our operator list) will get charged due to technical constraints.

    We recommend you to ensure that the intended recipient is a customer of an operator mentioned in our coverage list.

  • I can't send SMS to my friend in a foreign country. Why?

    Please check whether you are using the correct number format for sending International SMS.

    Use only '+' Key or '00' as International Access Code. Don't use both at same time. We recommend use of the '+' Key as the International Access Code.

    Please omit the leading zero from the mobile number.
    Example: For Bangladesh (880),
    Correct format +880171150XXXX
    Wrong format +8800171150XXXX
    When replying to an SMS from your friend in a foreign country, ask your friend to set "Reply via same service center" option to "No". After that, you should be able to reply to your friend's messages.

  • My friend can't send SMS to me. Why?

    Please check whether your friend is a customer of a network which is covered by our coverage list.

    If your friend is covered by the list but still can't send you SMS is mainly due to technical difficulties at their end.

    Customers of some foreign operators may experience difficulty sending SMS to Grameenphone due to technical problems. Please note that your SMS will be delivered to all operators listed.

  • How many letters or characters can be sent in a message?

    Up to 160 characters can be sent in a single SMS.

  • Do I need to reconfigure my SMS Message Centre number?

    No, you do not need to reconfigure the SMS Message Centre number.

    Grameenphone message center number will remain as +8801700000600.

  • Will the "delivery report" function work if I send international SMS?

    Yes, you will receive the delivery report if it is supported by your phone and the function has been enabled in your phone.

  • Are International SMS charges taxable?

    Yes, 15% SD +15% VAT inclusion of SD will be applicable for all charges+ 1 % surcharge on base tariff