Voice SMS

A service which enables a GP subscriber to record a message or greeting and send it instantly via SMS.

To Send a Voice SMS

  • Dial *01XXXXXXXX i.e dial *followed by any mobile number
  • Once dialed with the aforesaid order ,you will be greeted with a Welcome Message
  • After hearing the "Beep" tone ,start recording your message (maximum length of the message is 2 minutes)
  • Disconnect the line to send the Voice SMS or follow the IVR instruction

To Receive New Voice SMS

  • You will receive an SMS notification asking you to dial *0* , to retrieve the received message.
  • Once you dial *0*, you will hear the message. To Retrieve Old Voice SMS
  • To retrieve previous VSMS ,dial *1*

Out dial call for new message:

Voice SMS (new message) receiver will get a voice call from the message sender party playing the new message. This is a system generated call and the system will try to reach the receiver for three times. This call will be generated automatically from the system and sender party will not be charged for this call. He will be charged for only the voice sms recording (as per regular service tariff). This out dial feature is applicable for only GP-GP Voice SMS. Voice sms receiver will also receive a conventional SMS text notifying the new message.

Old messages (received in old platform before the cutover time):

Old messages will be available in “8420” instead of “*1*” for next three months. Example: If a customer “X” received a voice message on 30-11-2012, he can listen to this message through dialing “*1*” till the cutover date (6-12-12), after that he can listen to this message by dialing “8420” for next three months. But all the messages he received after the cutover date (6-12-12) will be available in “*1*”. GP customers will not be charged for listening old message by dialing 8420.


  • To send voice SMS(GP-GP & Other operators) : BDT 2.00/min (Excluding SD & VAT & SC)
  • To reply /forward voice SMS (GP-GP & other operators) : BDT 2.00/VSMS (Excluding SD & VAT & SC)
  • To listen a new voice SMS: Free

To listen an old voice SMS : BDT 2.00 /min with 10 second pulse facility (Excluding SD & VAT & SC).