Call Block

Call Block Service enables subscribers to easily block unwanted calls to their mobile phones anytime, anywhere through its Blacklist feature. Recently, Grameenphone has also introduced the Whitelist feature to allow only certain numbers to be able to call the subscriber, keeping all other callers blocked.

Subscription Process:

Any GP subscriber can subscribe to the Call Block service.

SMS: Type Start CB and send to 25678
USSD: Dial *121*6*4*1#

Unsubscription Process:

SMS: Type Stop CB and send to 25678
USSD: Dial *121*6*4*4#


To make it easy for the subscribers, GP has introduced a fully functional USSD menu for this service, which will guide the subscriber through all the features of this service. This can be done by dialing *111# and follow the instructions.

Product features and usage:

A GP subscriber can block/allow as many numbers as s/he wants starting with first 10 free slots. For example, a subscriber blocked 10 numbers by using first 10 slots. After a period, s/he can delete one number from the slot and add another number with no additional charge. In this way, the subscriber can remove any number from the first 10 slot to add new numbers in the Blacklist/Whitelist. After free first 10 number slots, subscribers have to pay for each number he wants to block/allow from 11th to 20th slots.
For your convenience, Grameenphone Ltd. has introduced “Weekly charging” feature for Call Block service, applicable for eligible prepaid subscribers only. This feature enables all Smile, djuice, Apon, Shohoj, Bondhu, Business Solutions prepaid, Ekota, and Badhon subscribers to avail the Call Block service on a weekly basis at BDT 7 (+ 20% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff) per week. Existing Call Block users, who subscribed for 30 days – will be able to enjoy the full 30 days of the service, and will be converted to Weekly subscriptions once the 30 days are expired.


  • BDT 7 / week (pre-paid subscribers) & BDT 30 / month (post-paid subscribers) for availing call block service
  • Initial 10 slots additions/modifications/deletion to the blacklist/whitelist is free.
  • If subscriber has already filled up 10 slots in the blacklist/whitelist with number, BDT 8 additional charge will be applicable
  • SMS charge: Free

* 20% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff
* Prepaid subscribers are charged from account balance on real-time.
* Postpaid subscribers are billed in monthly invoice.


For SMS based usage, the keywords are given below:

Sl Action Keyword Example
1 To subscribe Start CB Start CB
2 To add number to blacklist ADD<space>Number Add 017xxxxxxxx
3 To delete number to blacklist DEL<space>Number Del 017xxxxxxxx
4 To modify number in blacklist CH<space>Old Number
<space>New Number
CH 017xxxxxxxx
5 To see current blacklist LIST List
6 To activate the blacklist ON On
7 To deactivate the blacklist OFF Off
8 To add number to whitelist W ADD<space>Number W Add 017xxxxxxxx
9 To delete number from whitelist W DEL<space>Number W Del 017xxxxxxxx
10 To modify number in Whitelist W CH<space>Old Number<space>
New Number
W CH 017xxxxxxxx
11 To see current whitelist W LIST W List
12 To activate the whitelist W ON W On
13 To deactivate the whitelist W OFF W Off
14 To view active list status VIEW View
15 To Unsubscribe Stop CB Stop CB
16 For Help HELP Help

*To get all the keywords at once, subscribers can SMS Help to 25678

Valid Number formats:

Mobile: e.g. 017xxxxxxxx, 019xxxxxxxx, 018xxxxxxxx, 011xxxxxxxx, 016xxxxxxxx, 015xxxxxxxx.
Private PSTN: e.g. 037xxxxxxx, 0644xxxxxxxx etc.
BTCL: Area Code + Number e.g. 02xxxxxxx, 031xxxxxxx etc.
* Using 880 is not mandatory for numbers in Bangladesh.
*Charges and VAT apply