Symphony Fun Store

Symphony & Grameenphone present an attractive mobile content called FUN STORE! Different kinds of mobile applications and new contents are now available exclusively only for GP & Symphony users.


Exciting new apps, games, wall papers, ring tones and video clips are available in FUN STORE. Subscribers can download local and international contents at very reasonable prices from here.


ContentTariff (BDT)
Wallpaper0, 10
Animation/Live Wallpaper0, 10
Mp3 Tone0, 10, 15, 20
Video Clips0, 20, 30
Games0, 10, 20, 30, 40
Full Track Song0, 10, 20

*Tariff mentioned above is excluding  10% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

Q1: What is Fun Store on Symphony handset?

Fun Store is a store from where you can download applications, games, images, music, videos for your Symphony phone.

Q2: How can I download the store on my Symphony handset?

Type FUN and send SMS to 16303. In the reply SMS you will receive a link. Click on the link and Fun Store will be downloaded on your handset. There is no SMS & download charge for this request.

Q3: Do I need to sign up for an account to shop from Fun Store?

No, just click on the icon of Fun Store and app store is ready to launch.

Q4: Is the application available in my language?

Currently Available only in English language.

Q5: Where can I find a list of my purchased/downloaded applications?

You can see your downloaded apps under the category “My apps” in the app store. [Feature Phones]

You can see the downloaded apps in the download folder where other apps are downloaded. If you have already installed the download application/game, then you go to S-apps -> Open Games/Applications -> Click on any tab -> Settings -> Applications to see the installed applications on your phone. [Smart Phones]

Q6: Will applications run on my computer?

No. Applications are designed exclusively for use on the mobile phone.

Q7.1: Will applications run on my mobile wifi network?

Yes. Applications will run on mobile phone with wifi network.

Q7.2: Can I download the paid application on Wifi network?

Yes. You can download the paid application on wifi network. if you are using GP SIM in your mobile phone. And charges will be deducted from GP post/ prepaid SIM.

Q8: Where do I go for help about Fun Store?

In Fun Store, we have given a user guide to understand it completely. Below is the direction to reach to the user guide:

Click on Fun Store -> Go -> Options -> Help -> User guide [Feature Phones]

Click on Fun Storeà Open Games/Applicationà Click on any tabà Settingsà Get started [Smart Phones]

Q9: How do I remove any application from my Phone?

You can delete any application by going in “My apps”. Just click on the app you wanted to delete and press OK. [Feature Phones]

You need to open the folder where you have downloaded the apps and delete/uninstall it. OR go to Fun Store -> Open Games/Application -> Click on any tab -> Settings -> Applications to uninstall the applications on your phone. [Smart Phones]

Q10: Can I preview the content before downloading?

Yes, you can see the description before downloading.

Q11: Who can download mobile contents from Symphony App Store?

Fun Store is exclusive for Symphony mobile phone users. So only Symphony users can download content from Fun Store.

Q12: How can a customer download mobile contents from Symphony App Store?

When user will click on any content, then he can see the option of Download on Left soft Key. When he presses Download, then download will start immediately and user can check the download status in download manager. [Feature Phones]

When user will click on any content, then he can see the option of Download. After clicking on download, he will be able to download the same. [Smart Phones]

Note: If the content is chargeable then user will be shown charging screen having the pricing information before starting the download.

Q13: Will Fun Store support multiple downloads at a time?

Yes, it supports. You can check all the downloads in “Download Manager”. Also you can prioritize your download sequence by pause/stop some downloads. [Feature Phones]

Yes, User can see the multiple downloads from the Phone Notification bar [Smart Phones]

Q14: What happens if I am charged but my content is not downloaded successfully?

If the money has been deducted but content is not downloaded, then user can download the same content again without paying any money. [Money will not be deducted again in this case]

Q15: What happens if I am charged and I have download the content successfully, Is it charge if I download it again?

It will not charge if you download the content again on same Mobile number and same Mobile Phone . [Money will not be deducted again in this case]

Q16: What should I do if I am unable to download anything from Fun Store?

Please first check that phone internet is working correctly by opening any website in phone browser.

Q17: I can see some pre-installed games on my handset. Are these games free?

Please check the modality of pre-installed games below:

  • Customer will be able to play level-1 of the game for free
  • Whenever customer will click to play level 2, he will see a request on the screen asking the customer for a pass code and the charging information of TK 40+VAT. Customer can either accept or reject this request
  • If customer accepts the request, system will try to charge him TK 40+VAT.
  • If charging is successful, he will receive an SMS with the pass code
  • Customer will get return SMS with Billing failed due to insufficient balance
  • Customer will enter the pass code and start playing level 2 and more levels
  • All MO & MT SMS charges will be free

Q18: I am facing problems with using Fun Store. What is the customer service number of Symphony Mobile?

Short Code: 16272 (TK 1.15/minute) including VAT

Long Code: 09666700666 (TK 2.30/minute) including VAT

These numbers are accessible from any operator number.