How to be STAR

How can you be a STAR Subscriber?

  • To be a STAR, you must be with Grameenphone for a considerable duration of time with certain minimum usage
  • Once a customer becomes STAR, his/her STAR status will be valid for 3 months. The STAR Status will be reviewed on DAILY Basis
  • If you are not yet in the STAR program, your eligibility will be checked Every Day

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Consumer (Pre/Post)

Last three months average usage inclusive of VAT & SD (BDT)
Network AgeSilverGoldPlatinumPlatinum Plus

 <1 Year



1  Year  - <2  Years2,3003,0003,100
2 Years - <3 Years1,2002,9003,000
3  Years - <4 Years1,2002,3002,900
4 Years - <5 Years6001,2002,300
5 Years - <6 Years6001,2001,800
6 Years - <7 Years6001,2001,750
7 Years - <13 Years--6001,200
13 Years - < 17 Years--550600
17 Years - < 20 Years--450500
20+ Years--400450

2. STAR Commitment Bundle for MyPlan 

1160Tk PlanSilver*121*4#
2249Tk BundleSilver*121*4#
3250Tk PlanSilver*121*4#
4275Tk PlanSilver*121*4#
5450Tk PlanSilver*121*4#
6650Tk PlanGold*121*4#
71000Tk PlanGold*121*4#


3. Data/ Voice Pack (Pre & Post)

Data/ Voice Pack Activation Price (Tk.) Eligible Validity (Days) USSD STAR Tier
40 GBBUY NOW649Pre/Post30*121*3393#Silver
80 GBBUY NOW999Pre/Post30*121*3436#Gold
120 GBBUY NOW1,499Pre/Post30*121*3437#Gold
200 GBBUY NOW1,999Pre/Post30*121*3438#Platinum
1000 Minutes + 1GB BUY NOW604Pre/Post30*121*4209#Silver


4. STAR Bundle Packs for Enterprise Customers

Any net)
MMSData (GB)Welcome TuneValiditySTAR StatusUSSD Activation Code
5005006001001001.5 100% off31 daysSilver*121*4691*1#
1000100013002002003100% off31 daysGold*121*4691*2#
150015002100300300100% off31 daysPlatinum*121*4691*3#
20002000300050050010 100% off31 daysPlatinum*121*4691*4#


5. Purchasing Smart Phone from GP Online Shop

ActivationPriceStar Status
Buy now9000/= or moreGold



  • STAR status is updated DAILY & once given it is valid for current month and next 3 months
  • For any Postpaid or Business customer who spends higher than bundle/commitment fee, will enjoy higher STAR status as per eligibility criteria. For example, if a 150 tk myplan user who is eligible for silver STAR status spends 3,500 tk on an average for 3 months will become Platinum Plus STAR
  • STAR status can be upgraded to Upper Tier any Day as per Eligibility Criteria
  • GPPP, BPO, ERS, Skitto, Village Phone, VTS, eVTS, Lite VTS, IOT service, BTRC Barred & NM Generic test phone customers are excluded from this offer

You are our Priority!

  • At Grameenphone Centers!
    No more waiting in long queues, enjoy privileged service at Grameenphone Centers.
  • Complaints at
    Your complaints are our concern; any complaint received from you will be handled on a priority basis.
  • FREE SIM Replacement!
    When you are in urgency for a SIM Replacement, you can have your SIM replaced completely FREE! Our STAR Customers can have FREE SIM Replacement service from GPC and GPCF.

Benefits for Grameenphone STAR:

Grameenphone has arranged an array of benefits/privileges for its STAR customers. Best benefits are offered to its top tier i.e. Platinum Plus & subsequently to Platinum, Gold & Silver STAR customers.


Platinum Plus




Surprise Gifts


Regional Events (Music/Movie/Drama/Iftaar)


Movie (Buy 1, get 1 Free)


Handset Offers

Discount on Life Style Offers