Possible if you want

Adaptability is one of the most defining traits of human civilization. Over time, whenever faced with tough challenges and insurmountable odds, we have found ways to adapt and come out stronger than we were before. We believe in our limitless potential. We believe that If you want it, it is possible.

But how do we make things possible? How do we surpass the limits imposed by physical boundaries, by unfavorable situations, by strife and disease? That is where Grameenphone 4G will help you every bit of the way. Not able to go to the market? The food, the dress or that much needed home appliance will go all the way from the maker to the customer through an online marketplace. No going to school? Learn from the teachers in online classes. Unable to make it to the doctor or a hospital? Get consultation from a doctor through your phone. Not able to go to office? The whole team can work together from their homes online.

2.5GB at Tk 57
3.5 GB at Tk 69
5 GB at Tk 114
5GB at Tk 229
1 GB at Tk 38
1 GB at Tk 77
4G Pocket Router
Get 4G ready
VolTE enabled H/S