BTRC directive

According to the new BTRC directive, a single user with 10-digit SNID and 17-digit NID can keep maximum 15 SIM cards. Customers with more than 15 registered SIMs need to transfer ownership of the extra SIMs to avoid unwanted barring of the exceeded number of SIMs in use.


Why have I received this SMS?

Sir/Madam, as per BTRC guideline one customer can keep maximum 15 numbers against his /her 17 digit and 10-digit National ID Card (NID & SNID) that is why you have received the SMS.

What I need to do now?

Sir/Madam, you need to transfer the ownership of the additional / excess (more than 15 SIMs) numbers from the respective mobile operator’s customer care center.

What will happen if I don't do the transfer of ownership?

Sir/Madam, System will perform deregistration or block the additional (more than 15 SIM) numbers randomly.

I don't want to transfer the ownership, is there any other way to my favorite numbers?

Yes, you can deregister the number. For deregistration need to visit customer care center. In that case deregistered number will not be usable.



For Transfer of Ownership Click Here