Meet our People!

"I believe we must overcome our struggles, collaborate, support each other and lean-in to grow and create impact around us!
Be hungry to learn anything new- New tools, new insights and new ways of work to become better each passing day!"

- Farhana Islam
  Head of Social Impact

"Ask questions. Try to understand what your customers want and they will want you back. When I ask students if they want to work in Grameenphone someday, a lot of hands raise up. But when I ask them if they want to be GP’s CEO someday, I see one or two hands only. Dream higher. "

- Samrine Bokhari
  Circle Business Head-Chattogram

"Along with the changes in the telco industry, we as employees have evolved as well, by taking up new challenges and learning new technologies each time. Even though I’m introvert in nature, I have learnt that you need to mix and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. Every new person you meet is an opportunity to learn something."
- Soaiba Sarwat Synthia
  General Manager-VAS Platforms

"We were very used to bookish knowledge but that needs to change, familiarity with real life applications is of the essence. For career growth, it is essential to pick up traits of taking ownership . There is no alternative to being hardworking and the need to be passionate about where we wish to see ourselves. It is what we do with what we have learnt that matters. "
- Shaila Rahman
  Head of Business Partner & Circle HR