Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility in Grameenphone

Corporate Responsibility is manifested through the implementation of our vision and values in all spheres of the company and its value chain. At Grameenphone, we live by the saying “Development is a journey, not a destination.” Our work is not just about ensuring connectivity; it is about connecting with people and building a relationship based on trust with our subscribers, business partners, employees, shareholders as well as the wider community. We have always believed that good development is good business. While we maintain our business focus, taking the nation forward remains our top priority. Thus our relationship with Bangladesh is built on a partnership which strives to achieve common economic and social goals.

At Grameenphone Corporate Responsibility (CR)  is a complementary combination of responsible business practices and corporate behaviour and externally focused initiatives to create shared value for the society and the company. In other words, GP’s “responsibility” includes both compliance with international and national standards and obligations and stakeholder’s expectations on GP’s role in the community. As such, corporate responsibility can be said to span the whole of an organisation’s business activities.

CR initiatives will be more focused on generating greater social good by utilizing company’s core expertise i.e. communication to create shared value and long-term sustainability.

Projects and initiatives focused on using core competence to make a difference to the society. GP will strengthen its focus on business integrated CR through CR initiatives based on company’s core competence. This means using communication technology to solve societal challenges or increasing the effectiveness of existing initiatives through integration of communication technology.