Association with people

Sponsorship provides Grameenphone the opportunity to engage with the people of Bangladesh. As the largest telecom operator in the country, we understand that direct engagement with people always makes a positive impact on their lives and improves communities. Our sponsorship initiatives are geared to empower people to compete in their respective fields and challenge themselves to improve their circumstances. We sponsor to inspire people to reach the heights of their aspiration and bring out the best from within themselves. We believe a country moves forward when its people go beyond all limitations.

Types of Program We Sponsor

Grameenphone strives to empower societies. We aim to generate a strong bond with the people of Bangladesh through our products and services, particularly through our INTERNET services.

We are enthusiastically associated in a wide range of areas that promote wellbeing and a sense of collectiveness within communities. We also focus on various cultural organizations to align ourselves with important cultural festivals.

Note - We focus on sponsoring programs and events that are aligned with the values of our brand. Hence, the entire selection process of the sponsorship program is quite complex. Grameenphone critically evaluates each proposal to understand whether the event is related to the values and beliefs of the brand.

What We Look For

We believe that Bangladesh will continue to be a fast developing economy. Empowering society is one of the key issues that should be addressed in building up Bangladesh. Knowledge and information, along with connectivity and access to information, will play a pivotal role in the empowerment of rural communities, and enrich their contributory value to the mainstream economy. Our priority to sponsor events that are more aligned with EMPOWERMENT; and building on greater INTERNET awareness and usage a key focus area. In addition, Grameenphone is an INSPIRING brand; we also support COMPETITION, INNOVATION and programs that inspire PATRIOTISM.

Some Guidelines

There is an online application process to apply for sponsorship. You are requested to complete the process and we’ll evaluate the proposal as per our guidelines and provide a feedback within 15 days. Proposals that do not meet our initial criteria will be declined instantly.

Apply for Sponsorship

Some Key Points

Our regular approval processing time is two months, so we request you to submit a proposal with at least a 60-day lead time. The proposal should include a short brief of the program in your organization’s letter head and the duly filled application form.

We do not pay any advance on approved sponsorship events, and do not transfer funds to any individual personal account. Our payment lead time is 60 days upon receipt of a hard copy of the bill on organizer’s letter head.

We also expect that relevant images/pictures of the event and associated news clippings, if any, are submitted with bill.



We don’t get associate the following category of events:

  • No clear fit with “Go Beyond”
  • Conflict with competitors brand profile
  • More than five co-sponsors / partners
  • Souvenir or any promotional publications
  • Donation / Fund Raising / Charity
  • Politically / Religiously Aggressive/Sensitive Program
  • Individual Effort of any artist / singer / sportsman
  • Study Tour / Blood Donation / Reunion
  • Annual General Meeting / Election
  • No sync between program modality and organizers profile
  • Less than 60 days program lead time


Email: sponsorship@grameenphone.com

Phone: 9882990

Fax: 9882970