Supply Chain Sustainability

Grameenphone strives for high standards on sustainability and continuous improvement in its operations throughout the supply chain. Grameenphone’s Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP) are based on internationally recognized standards, including requirements on human rights, health and safety, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption. It is mandatory for all Grameenphone contracting parties to agree to these principles.

Supplier Code Endorsement
All suppliers and parties having a direct contractual relationship with Grameenphone must comply with Grameenphone`s Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP). An Agreement on Responsible Business Conduct (ABC) legally  obliges the supplier to comply with the SCP and certain requirements set out in the ABC Agreement. All suppliers are required to extend the principles further down in their own supply chain.

Supply Chain Capacity Building
Grameenphone conducts supply chain capacity building programs amongst it partners. In 2017 itself, 5,101 man-hours  were invested in the program to proactively build capacity of the suppliers and sub-suppliers in order to drive continuous improvement in the supply chain. Typical topics include labour rights, health and safety, anti-corruption, green initiatives, women empowerment and diversity.

Supply Chain Monitoring
Grameenphone carries out inspections in order to monitor compliance with the requirements on responsible business conduct. In 2017, Grameenphone carried out 1019 inspections (ranging from simple site visits to more comprehensive inspections or audits) across the supply chain. More than 70 percent of the inspections were carried out unannounced.