Bangladesh Railway and Grameenphone launch electronic ticketing service

Mar 04 2010

Bangladesh Railway has initiated an innovative service to allow its commuters to reserve train tickets 10 days in advance over their mobile phone through the Grameenphone's “Mobitaka” service.

On 4th March 2010,‘Mobitaka’ Ticketing service was formally announced by the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the‘Digital Innovation Fair 2010’ when shed purchased an electronic ticket for herself from the Railway stall. The PM expressed her satisfaction at such innovative service to reduce hassles from the life of the common people and asked everyone to bring convenience and better service by harnessing appropriate technology.

The electronic ticketing service was launched by Grameenphone with data support from Bangladesh Railway and CNS, the authorized ticketing partner of the Bangladesh Railway. Using the “Mobitaka” service, a commuter can, for the first time in Bangladesh, purchase electronic railway tickets at anytime and from anywhere from his mobile phone and avoid the hassle of traveling to the station during working hours or standing in queue for long periods. Additionally it is expected that the service will also curtail the malpractices associated with acquiring train tickets.

Initially the electronic ticketing service will be offered for all the Intercity trains starting from Dhaka Kamlapur, Dhaka Airport and Chittagong stations, and gradually all other intercity trains will be incorporated under this service.

To buy a digital train ticket through the‘Mobitaka’ ticketing service a person will access a menu from his mobile phone and input the required traveling information. After providing input, the customer can either‘book’ the tickets for a stipulated time period or purchase the ticket instantly, subject to seat availability. A digital train ticket number will be sent to his mobile which can be used to obtain a paper-based ticket from the train station at the time of travel. A customer will pay a service fee of BDT 20 per seat for availing an electronic ticket though this service.

It is expected that this new electronic train ticketing service will pave the way for more new and innovative digital services for the people of Bangladesh and usher in an era of easy financial solution services through “Mobitaka.”

For details on the electronic ticketing service, interested people can call 1200 from their Grameenphone mobile or dial 01713234567 from any other number.

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