Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Being a riverine country, Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. This is due to reasons such as geographical location, land characteristics, the multiplicity of rivers, and the monsoon climate. The impact faced thereby are tropical cyclone, tidal bore, flood, tornado, erratic weather patterns, river bank erosion and, earthquake. An analysis of climate data between 2000 to 2019 by Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) indicates that Bangladesh lost 11,450 lives, suffered economic losses worth $3.72 billion and witnessed 185 extreme weather events. The adversity is expected to intensify going forward.

We at Grameenphone, take a two-fold approach to address these adverse situations. First, we relentlessly strive to keep our mobile network and internet connectivity services uncompromised, ensuring to live our purpose of connecting people to what matters most. Keeping customers convenience and needs at core, we understand our customers urgency to stay connected to their loved ones and reach out for assistance and emergency services during these hardships. We closely monitor the situation and remain vigilant to ensure connectivity support. Second, we look into the possibilities on how we may support the distressed community to make their life easier.

As a responsible organization, Grameenphone has been actively supporting distressed communities during times of disaster. Support was extended during SIDR, AILA, Rana Plaza collapse, landslide, cold waves, and floods at various times. During COVID 19, Grameenphone extended support for the affected community and front liners. Over the years, Grameenphone’s support impacted over a million individuals across the country.

During COVID 19

  • Grameenphone provided 50,000 sets of medical grade PPE (KN 95 Mask, Protective Coverall, Latex Glove, and Goggles) for frontline medical professionals who were betting their lives to save the lives of fellow countrymen
  • Through Dakche Amar Desh and Dakch Abar Desh campaign Grameenphone in collaboration with BRAC not only supported over 133,300 families affected due to the lock down situation but also inspired other organizations and individuals to come forward and support the country in challenging times in 2020 and 2021.

Also, in 2020 Grameenphone extended its support to 100,000 families in partnership with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society to support families suffering from prolonged flooding during COVID 19 situation.

During the flash flood in Sylhet in 2022, Grameenphone provided food relief to 15,000 families and provided medical support including free medicine to over 4000 individuals.

Grameenphone also provided food relief packs to 10,000 families and deployed five water purification plants to distribute safe drinking water that benefited 7,500 households to support flush flood victims in Chattogram. In total this effort benefited over 80,000 individuals.

Grameenphone is committed to continue to stand beside the country during difficult times