M2M Control Center

M2M Control Center:

  • Managing M2M Easily
  • Use our web-based M2M Control Center portal to manage your M2M subscriptions with choice, control and confidence.
  • Simplify and automate your M2M solution

Grameenphone’s M2M Control Center service is a sophisticated web-based platform that gives you the complete visibility over your GP-enabled M2M connections.

The GP M2M Control Center has a range of features to simplify and automate your M2M solution. The platform offers a suite of self-service tools, such device information, SIM status, usage control and many more, which can help you to drive efficiency, deploy faster and improve the profitability of business.

GP M2M Control Center can be complemented by a range of options such as devices, SIM cards, data plans, and network access – including VPN capabilities for secure data transmission.

Important note about the location services in M2M Control Center:

  • Location resolution is at the cell tower level.
  • New devices deployed will appear on the map within approximately 48 hours.
  • Location information is automatically updated approximately in every 24 hours and is available only for all active connections.

Your M2M Enablers:

In addition to the GP M2M Control Center, we have a suite of enablers to support your M2M initiatives:

  • Network access: Enjoy the superior coverage of the Grameenphone’s 2G and 3G networks, country’s largest and most reliable telecommunications network.
  • Data plans: A range of data plans to suit your needs, with dedicated APN for security, reliability and speed.
  • SIM cards: Industrial-grade M2M SIM cards to withstand extreme environmental conditions for demanding M2M applications.
  • Devices: A range of GP-tested M2M devices that can be purchased from GP Online Shop, all Grameenphone Centers and GP Experience Centers.
  • Secure VPN: Protect your data transmissions with a virtual private network over the public internet or an end-to-end private network.

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