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Grameenphone brings “SEEMO” – an intelligent system that ensures the security and surveillance solutions for safer homes, industries and organizations.

Do you ever worry whether you’ve left the gas of the kitchen on after leaving home? Thinking from office whether your kids have arrived home safely from school? Ensure the security of your near and dear one’s by managing and controlling SEEMO app remotely through our app on your compatible smart phone or tablet.


Pricing Details

Get SEEMO Indoor Camera only at BDT 2999. Subscribe to any of the below cloud packages and get secured data storage/ backup:
Cloud Backup7 Days14 Days1 Month
Payment FrequencyMonthly249*399*499*
Quarterly5% Discount
Yearly10% Discount
 *5% govt levies applicable on the cloud charges You can pay for the subscription fee simply from your SEEMO application.

You can pay for the subscription fee simply from your SEEMO application.

Product Features

HD Videos- See your Visitors in HD (720p)
Motion Sensor- Be aware of any motion with built-in motion sensor
2-Way Communication- 2-way audio & one way video means you can enjoy a full conversation with your residents or employees
Cloud Storage- Records and stores every photo and video in the cloud
Instant Alerts- Get instant alerts whenever motion is detected
Live Monitoring- Monitor your premise at any time by starting the video from the app


Reviewing incidents- Smart surveillance systems with strong coverage allows small business owners to check and find incidents to identify what happened
Remote Surveillance- For small business owners with surveillance systems, vacations can actually be relaxing. Owner can use their smartphones to remotely view live or recorded video. That peace of mind is invaluable
Easy wireless installation- On top of keeping your premises safe and secure, wireless solution allows for a quick installation and gives you the option to move and/or add on to your surveillance system later!
Save Money on Home Insurance- You will get 1 year theft and fire insurance of up-to 1 lac taka with this service
Cost Efficiency- SEEMO reduces the need for hiring additional Security Personnel to monitor the video all the time
Interactive Monitoring- Allows you to monitor multiple camera views to ensure the utmost safety and security of your home through interaction also
Instant Alerts- SEEMO gives you peace of mind while keeping you connected even when you’re away from home with customized instant alerts
Data privacy- With Grameenphone your data are always protected and safe

SEEMOSmart Security app makes it simple for you to communicate with the cameras of your home with customized automations.

  • Install App and Registration
    Download and install the app “SEEMO Powered by GP” from the play store/ app store. Sign In into the app if you have no account, please register yourself first by Signing Up
  • Add Device
    Power up the SEEMO camera and set it on AP mode by pressing the AP Button at the back of the device. Scan the UID placed at the bottom of the device and connect it with your available Wi-Fi connection
  • Modify Settings
    Modify the password, motion, environment, volume, IR, Device Information through the device settings from the app according to your need.

Setting up SEEMO Smart Security is much simple. Using the “SEEMO powered by GP” app, it takes 10-15 minutes and then you can start installing your devices around your home

  • Download the “SEEMO Powered by GP” app from Google play store or Itunes
  • To register/create account in our app follow the below steps:

Add new user by following below steps

Method 1:

  • To add another user, open the app and press Plus button in new users phone, then press the ‘Add device without the setup’
  • Scan the QR code on the back of the device
  • After the device is added successfully, the device will appear on your app home page.
  • To view the live video feed and history, press the Play button

Method 2:

  • Open “SEEMO Powered by GP” app and press menu button at top right corner.
  • Press Account then Add User
  • Press the plus icon at the bottom
  • Enter the mobile number or email of the person, select if he would be admin or user and select the device in which you add the user
  • The device would display in new user’s phone

Device Setup and Installation

  • Power up the SEEMO Camera
  • Set the device on AP mode by pressing the AP Button at the back of the device.
  • Scan the UID placed at the bottom of the device and connect
  • Enter the default password of the device
  • Device will be connected with available Wi-Fi network

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SEEMO Indoor Camera

  • Battery- N/A Can be connected through power bank
  • Indoor Dimensions- 11.5*6.5*3(cm)
  • Camera- 135 degree angle(diagonal), 1 Mega pixel CMOS sensor, 1/4" color CMOS
  • Video- 720p, H.264
  • Night Vision- Built in night vision (Infra-red)
  • Encryption- Bank Grade
  • Power- 5 Volt
  • Distance from WiFi router to Indoor camera- Up to 24 feet
  • WiFi requirement- 2mbps, no data limit
  • App- IOS/Android app
  • Weight- 150 gram
  • What is SEEMO Intelligent Living?
    Grameenphone brings “SEEMO powered by GP” in partnership with B-Trac Solutions Ltd, allows you to speak with anyone at your front door & home through a built in speaker and microphone. Be near to your loved ones, home or office even when you are miles away.
  • How much bandwidth required running this device?
    The amount of bandwidth depends on the number of devices connected to the WiFi Router and the usage profile.
  • How my data or footage are safe and secure?
    We are ensuring the data security by encrypting all the data and storing it to cloud.

    Insurance Process:
    SEEMO Insurance will give you the insurance coverage up-to 1Lac. Follow the below steps to avail the coverage,

  • What about the after sales service?
    You will get the privilege of Grameenphone call center and technical backup. For device or application related issue and also for warranty claim, please call 09638773366. For connectivity related issue, call 121.
  • Warranty period?
    SEEMO comes with 1 year replacement warranty period
  • Where to get it?
    Visit the nearest Grameenphone Center and collect the device!
  • How to replace the faulty device?
    To replace any faulty device, courier the product to partner designated address. Partner will send the replaced product after proper diagnosis.