Thermal Screening

Grameenphone offers complete and customized Attendance and Access management system for ensuring complete authorized access to the appropriate personnel by enhancing the security of your workplace.
The Solution is designed in such a way that it can be used with all web-based attendance or HR or ERP or School Management or Hospital Management software etc.

Pricing Details


Facial Recognition Attendance Solution34,999 BDT
Facial Recognition with Thermal Screening68,999 BDT
Mounting Stand Stainless Steel SS (2”x1”)4,099 BDT

You can subscribe to yearly software at below pricing:

6000 BDT/device/year7500 BDT/device/year8000 BDT/device/year
*5% govt. levies will be applicable on the above mentioned software price.
For purchase, please contact to your Key Account Manager.

Product Features:

  • Body Temperature Screening: Set the body temperature threshold, through the associated access control, do not open the door and push the alarm when someone is exceeding the threshold
  • Voice Broadcast: The device itself has a voice broadcast capability, and issues a voice reminder according to a preset result
  • Multiple Authentication mode: Card and Temperature,  Face and Temperature, Card and Face and Temperature
  • Intelligent Face Recognition: By comparison with the face photo database, recognize visitor and also check for wear masks.
  • Cloud Server: Support connection to cloud server by HTTP to manage detailed employee information and work hour management


Ease of Access: Know who’s coming and going
Maintain Safety and Security: Protect processes, data and business continuity
Reduce Theft and Accidents: Maintain Electronic Logs for Review After an Incident
Driving Cost Efficiencies: Cut Down Security-related Costs
Digital Storage: Using an NVR, hard drive, or network server
Customizable System: Review incidents to identify any exception

To know more details please contact your Key Account Manager or send email to

Device Features:

  • Built-in non-contact high-precision thermal imaging module + live detection in one
  • Temperature detection range 35℃~42℃,Precision±0.3℃
  • Support human body temperature overlay、picture overlay
  • Support body temperature detection
  • Supports mask detection
  • Built-in FACE ++ deep learning face recognition algorithm,Stable and reliable
  • Support 50,000 face database
  • fast identification (300 ms to 1 sec, depending on number of registered users)
  • 8-inch HD LCD display
  • Local alarm output after abnormal temperature
  • Face recognition, temperature detection, and mask recognition, freely configure multiple usage modes
  • Ultra-thin metal shell.
  • Can record identification information and temperature information, save traceability
  • Excellent environmental adaptability, adapt to low light and strong backlight, support automatic face exposure
  • Support Wigand protocol, can directly drive access control and control various gates
  • Rich hardware interface, integrated 100M Ethernet

Device Specifications:


Face2MP wide angle Hisilicon camera
ThermalThermal imaging infrared temperature sensor
Temperature measurementRange:35~42℃, Precision: ±0.3℃
Detect distance0.4m~0.7m
Visible parameters
Lensfocal length 1.8mm, Field of View:118°
Mini Illum0.005Lux@F1.2 color mode
Dynamic Range≥120dB
S/N Ratio≥46dB(AGC OFF)
Exposure modeProgram mode (customizable shutter interval), shutter mode(1/5 - 1/20,000s)support for slow shutter
White balanceAuto, indoor, outdoor, sodium lamp mode, manual

Digital noise reduction

Support DNR, 3DNR
Day and night modeFixed color
Output bit rate(CBR or VBR), Bitstream setting range:32Kbps~10Mbps
Audio compressionG711,PCM
Character overlaySupport channel name, date and time overlay, adjustable overlay position
Number of face bases50,000 faces
Recognition speed300ms to 1sec
Live detectionsupport
Mask detectionsupport
Body Temperature alarmsupport
Network1ch10/100BaseT Ethernet RJ45 interface
Switch1ch relay output
AudioBuilt-in 2ch audio output
Physical Characteristics
Working Temperature-10°C ~50°C
Working Humidity0%-90% RH
Power Consumption5W
Live Dashboard
Dashboard: overall present, absent, on-time and late pie chartYESYESYES
Dashboard: Brach/Location/Office wise color based graphical summaryYESYESYES
Dashboard: Dept/category wise color based graphical summaryYESYESYES
Dashboard: Live Attendance Feed - Keeps showing the latest attendanceYESYESYES
Dashboard: Live Attendance Feed - Marked Late timeYESYESYES
Dashboard: Live Attendance Feed - Photo with each personYESYESYES
Dashboard: Event CalendarNOYESYES
Employee Profile Management
Employee Profile: Employee Database - List of All EmployeesYESYESYES
Employee Profile: Employee Database - Filter Options (by Dept, Designation, Shift, Category, Gender etc.)YESYESYES
Employee Profile: Basic Information - Name, Designation, Dept, IDYESYESYES
Employee Profile: Basic Information - Image or PhotoYESYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Personal Information - Gender, Blood Group, Address, Father, Mother, DOB  YESYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Document Storage - NID, Passport, Certificates etcNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Education BackgroundNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Employment History - Date of JoinNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Employment History - PromotionNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Employment History - TransferNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Employee Resignation & Termination - Resignation & Termination  NOYESYES
Employee Profile: Detailed Information > Employee Resignation & Termination - Special Leave or Deputation  NOYESYES
Employee Profile: Set Leave Approver - Up to 2 level approvalNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Individual Login - Up to 2 level approvalNOYESYES
Employee Profile: Set/edit leave policy, report position, overtime etc.YESYESYES
Attendance Management
Attendance Management: Manual entry - Only admin permissionYESYESYES
Attendance Management: Manual entry - Apply from individual loginNOYESYES
Attendance Management: Manual entry - Manual Entry & Missing Punch Approval SystemYESYESYES
Attendance Management: Out of office attendance - Set ManuallyYESYESYES
Attendance Management: Out of office attendance - Automatic location-based AttendanceNOYESYES
Attendance Management: Out of office attendance - Out of office attendance Approval SystemNOYESYES
Attendance Management: Excluding selective employees from attendance reportNOYESYES
Attendance Management: Temporary Device Permission ManagementNOYESYES
Attendance Management: Email report to per- designated mail ID - Automatically at a fixed time everyday  NOYESYES
Attendance Management: Late ApprovalNOYESYES
Attendance Reports
Attendance Reports: Detailed Attendance Report - Entry, Exit & Hour with detail info (Name, Dept., Designation, ID)  YESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Detailed Attendance Report - Category, Gender, Shift GroupYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Detailed Attendance Report - PhotoYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for Late Entry & Early Exit - Fixed Office TimeYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for Late Entry & Early Exit - Configurable TimeYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for WeekendYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for HolidayYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for AbsentYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Marking for On LeaveYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Filter Options - Date range filterYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Filter Options - Office/location wise filter (if more than one office)YESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Filter Options - Dept./Designation/Category/Shift/ Gender wise filterYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Summary at each report - No of Present, Absent, Late, LeaveYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Summary at each report - Total hours worked, expected hoursNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Customized Reports - Daily/Weekly/Monthly ReportsNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Customized Reports - Dept./shift/designation wise reportNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Customized Reports - Late/absent reportNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Customized Reports - Leave ReportNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Personal Attendance Report - All punch records in a day with device historyNOYESYES
Attendance Reports: Personal Attendance Report - Individual Attendance Report from any date to any date with summaryYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Personal Attendance Report - Export/Download to excel fileYESYESYES
Attendance Reports: Personal Attendance Analysis - Graphical Attendance trend analysisNOYESYES
Shift Management
Shift Management: Set Shift Timing - Office time management with late marked in attendance reportsYESYESYES
Shift Management: Set Shift Timing - Advanced office time management with customized late count time and early exit time  YESYESYES
Shift Management: Multiple Shift Management - Set customized shifts for employeesYESYESYES
Shift Management: Night Shift Management - Shift which crosses midnightNOYESYES
Shift Management: Rostering with Shift Rotation - Rotate manuallyYESYESYES
Shift Management: Multiple Shift GroupsNOYESYES
Leave Management
Leave Management: Leave Entry by AdminYESYESYES
Leave Management: Customized Leave Category & customized Leave Policy - Single Leave Policy for AllYESYESYES
Leave Management: Customized Leave Category & customized Leave Policy - Individual/group-wise separate Leave Policy  NOYESYES
Leave Management: Customized leave category assignNOYESYES
Leave Management: Leave Application - Leave apply by Employee and approval by assigned officersNOYESYES
Leave Management: Leave Application - Check Remaining Leaves, Pending statusYESYESYES
Leave Management: Leave approval (up to 2 levels)NOYESYES
Leave Management: Leave historyYESYESYES
Leave Management: Leave Reports - Remaining Leave ReportYESYESYES
Leave Management: Leave Reports - Enjoyed Leave ReportYESYESYES
Leave Management: Leave Reports - Download ExcelNOYESYES
Leave Management: Half Day LeaveNOYESYES
Leave Management: Long Term Leave with Attendance Report Exclusion - Study/any special leaveNOYESYES
Leave Management: Pending approval notification (at applicable cases)NOYESYES
Overtime Management
Overtime Management: Overtime setup - Allow/disallow overtimeYESYESYES
Overtime Management: Overtime setup - Set time based OT planNOYESYES
Overtime Management: Overtime Reports - Regular OT reportYESYESYES
Overtime Management: Overtime Reports - Separate Overtime monthly summaryYESYESYES
Overtime Management: Showing OT time in attendance reportsNOYESYES
Overtime Management: Overtime ApprovalNOYESYES
Settings: Design organizational structure like Create Dept., Designation, Category, Shifts etc.YESYESYES
Settings: Set hierarchy on dept., designationYESYESYES
Settings: Weekly Offday Management - Customized Weekend PolicyYESYESYES
Settings: Weekly Offday Management - Rotating Weekly Offday Policy ManagementNOYESYES
Settings: Weekly Offday Management - Alternate day weekly offday policy managementNOYESYES
Settings: Holiday Management - Manage yearly holidaysYESYESYES
Access Control Layer
Access Control: User LoginYESYESYES
Access Control: Manage multiple device in one Location/Office/PremisesYESYESYES
Access Control: Multiple Location / Office / Premises attendance data merging into one account - Top of Company Layer Access Control with one admin account  YESYESYES
Access Control: 3-layer Access Control - Top of Company Layer with Company Admin account - Top of Office Layer with Office Admin Account - All Employee Login  NOYESYES
Access Control: Customized Access Control - All employees can have a separate login account - The Super admin account will be able to be customized how much access everyone will get in the systemNOYESYES
Other Features
Other Features: Bulk Allocation panel - Upload all employee information in a single excel file to open all profiles in software  YES&YESYES
Other Features: Allow or revoke permission from a device from the softwareYESYESYES
Other Features: Smartphone ApplicationYESYESYES
Attendance from Mobile ApplicationNOYESYES
Allow Multiple AdminsNOYESYES
Allow profile picture from webcamNOYESYES
Thermal Screening
Show temperature in Attendance FeedYESYESYES
Show mask status in Attendance FeedNONOYES
Pandemic ReportNONOYES