Time is now with
Grameenphone 4G

Now is the time to change, now is the time to move forward. We are surrounded by opportunities. Now is the time to turn those opportunities into success stories through the online world. Now we can connect with people living anywhere in the world, anytime, anywhere. We can get any information, any service right away. At the same time, we can spread our ideas right now if we want to.

Today, advanced communication system based on internet has spread across the country. The country's most powerful 4G network has spread from capital to remote areas. Not only that, Grameenphone is also delivering strong 4G network service in the deep-sea areas. Our 4G network service has uninterrupted 4G coverage on the plains, in the remote haors, in every corner of the country. So online business can be conducted from anywhere in Bangladesh. Even sitting in the village, one can learn through the online education platforms. In short, using the power of the country's most powerful 4G network, people are now reaching out from anywhere from the country to make their dreams come true. No more waiting, no more hesitation. Because now is the time to make dreams come true and venture towards success.

To check whether your SIM is 4G or not, dial *121*3232#

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1. What are the benefits of 4G?

4G is the most advanced technology and it provides a much better and faster internet experience with an improved network. With GP 4G, you will get:

  • Fastest browsing speed
  • Improved download/upload speed
  • Reduced latency - Pages take less time to load so less buffer time
  • Better Network Experience

2. What is a 4G SIM and where can I get it?

4G SIM allows customers to use or access a 4G mobile network. With a normal SIM, you can use Grameenphone’s 2G and 3G network. With 4G SIM, you will be able to experience 4G networks in addition to 2G and 3G networks.

Find out where you can get your 4G SIM by clicking here or by going to your nearest GP Center. The SIM Replacement cost is 250 Taka for customers (GP Stars can avail this for free only from GPCs). While replacing your SIM, make sure there is a “U” / 4G sign in the SIM packet.

3. How I can check my SIM is 4G enabled or not?

Please dial *121*3232# to find out if your SIM is 4G enabled or not. While taking a new SIM, make sure there is a “U” / 4G sign in the SIM packet.

4. Do I need a 4G enabled handsets to use a 4G SIM?

Yes, to enjoy the different benefits of the 4G Network you will need both a 4G enabled handset and a 4G SIM. However, the 4G SIM can also be used in handsets that are NOT 4G enabled, but in that case the customers will not get the benefits of the 4G Network.

5. How can I get 4G on my Apple device?

Which iOS version will get the 4G update from Apple?
Apple devices (iPhone & iPad) need to be on minimum 11.3 OS version to receive OTA push which will allow them to get 4G on their phones. This is applicable for all Apple iOS compatible devices.

Which Apple devices are compatible for this iOS version?
iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s
iPad 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation, 12.9-inch iPad Pro1st generation; 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
iPod touch 6th generation

How to check which iOS version I am on?
Follow this slow: Settings-General-About-Version 11.2.5

How to update the latest iOS version?
Follow this flow: Settings-General-Software Update Please note that Customer needs to be connected to Wi-Fi and Battery needs to be minimum 50% to download software OS update.

6. What is 4G SIM Replacement Bonus?

By replacing active 2G/3G SIM to 4G, customers can enjoy: 5GB 4G Internet for free with 7 Day validity (Activation + 6 days) by dialing *121*3087# within 30 days of replacement only once. This offer will not be valid for any Inactive 3G SIM to 4G SIM replacement. This 4G Data can only be used if the customer has a 4G SIM, a 4G Enabled Handset, and is in a 4G Coverage Area.

How can customers avail this offer?
Customers, who are using 3G SIM, will get this bonus only once by dialing *121*3087# after converting/replacing it with 4G SIM.

Can the customer carry forward his unused data?
Unused data volume will not be carried forward.

Will the auto-renew feature work?
No, Auto Renew feature will not work in this campaign.

How many times this offer can be availed?
This offer can be availed only once within 30 days of replacement. After 30 Days of replacement customers can not avail this offer.

How can customers check the balance?
Customers can check their balance by dialing through *121*1*4#.

What are the eligibility criteria to take this offer?

  • Customers will be only eligible to avail this offer after converting their 3G SIM to 4G SIM
  • Customers will not be able to take the offer after 30 days of replacement
  • Customers who converted their 3G SIM to 4G SIM before the launch date (25 January 2022) will not be eligible for this offer.
  • Customers who will replace their 4G SIM to New 4G SIM will not be eligible.
  • Customers who availed the new offer once won’t be eligible to take it 2nd time.