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Are you ready for 2000+ hours of amazing movies, originals, series and more?

The world of Hoichoi can now be accessed more conveniently with our dedicated Hoichoi Data Packs!
Purchase of your desired pack will enable access to Hoichoi’s premium contents with dedicated streaming volume!

Pack Details:
To watch Premium Content, you have to purchase any of the following two New Hoichoi Packs and then will be able to view the premium content.

Buy Pack Name & Validity Price
Buy Now 512 MB Hoichoi
for 3 Days
Tk 13
Buy Now 512 MB Hoichoi
for 7 Days
Tk 28
Buy Now 1 GB Hoichoi
30 Days
Tk 48


Terms and Conditions:

  • With the purchase of Specific HoiChoi internet packs, customers will be able to access premium contents of HoiChoi and the video internet can be used to watch HoiChoi premium & free content
  • To avail 512 MB HoiChoi for 3 days dial *121*3460#
  • To avail 512 MB HoiChoi for 7 days dial *121*3471#
  • To avail 1GB HoiChoi pack for 30 days dial *121*3472#
  • To check balance dial *121*1*4#
  • Offer applicable for all Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • There will be NO auto-renewal of this pack
  • Free content streamed from HoiChoi native app and website will also be catered from this HoiChoi data.
  • GP does not take any legal liability and/or availability for the content produced and/or distributed and/or curated in HoiChoi
  • Content curation is dependent on Partners; GP only controls the data connectivity and access.
  • Video internet will be charged when streaming HoiChoi
  • Content streamed from outside of HoiChoi servers (for example but not limited to: advertisements in the platform) will be catered by other open internet data/ Paygo
  • All the other terms and conditions of internet packs will also be applicable here



What Is Hoichoi?

Hoichoi is a globally renowned video streaming service focusing on Bengali language movies, drama, originals and music.

What movie or serial can I find in Hoichoi?

Inside Hoichoi you can find an amazing variety of movies & serials from some of the top stars of the world and popular movies, serials & programs created or hosted by Hoichoi.

What is the Hoichoi pack?

Grameenphone’s Hoichoi pack is available on both weekly and monthly basis, purchase of the pack gives you access to Hoichoi’s premium contents. The data volume of this pack is dedicated for streaming Hoichoi’s premium contents only.

Can I use Hoichoi pack to use regular internet services?

The data volume of Hoichoi pack is dedicated for streaming Hoichoi’s premium contents only

How can I watch premium contents on Hoichoi?

Purchase dedicated Hoichoi pack through MyGP, Grameenphone Website or USSD to access Hoichoi’s premium contents - for step by step guidance, Click here

What is Premium Content & Free Content?

Free Content is available for view using your standard mobile data or Wi-Fi, To watch Premium Content you have to purchase Hoichoi Pack from MyGP app, Grameenphone Website or USSD and then will be able to view the content.

Where can I watch Hoichoi’s Premium Contents?

After purchasing from MyGP app, Grameenphone Website or USSD you can watch on either Hoichoi’s app or website

I am facing technical errors when trying to use Hoichoi, whom do I contact?

For technical errors related to Hoichoi you can contact Hoichoi’s customer support team through their website or email them at

Can all Grameenphone subscribers use these packs?

Hoichoi will launch for Employee Number series at a later date; remaining subscribers including Skitto users will be able to avail these packs.

How can IOS user(iPhone, iPad etc) use these packs?

IOS users can purchase these packs from MyGP, GP Website or USSD; following purchase IOS users can enjoy Hoichoi premium contents on their IOS device

Can I watch Hoichoi Premium Contents on smart TV or any TV app using these packs?

Users can purchase these packs from MyGP, GP Website, USSD, following purchase users can enjoy Hoichoi premium contents on their smart tv or TV app of choice.
For step-by step guidance on using Hoichoi packs, Click here

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