Cyclone Remal

Cyclone Remal

Cyclone Remal responses:

As a part of cyclone Remal response we are deploying the following three interventions-

1. Two water treatment plants to providing drinking water (with reverse osmosis facility to ensure desalination with a capacity of 1500 ltr/hr) at Paikgasa and Shyamnogor. Paikgasa started operation few hours back and Shyamnogor plant is on the way and hope to be operational tomorrow.

2. Two medical teams (along with free medicine) with a capacity to serve 100 patients a day. Expecting these camps will be operational from 31 May.

3. Distribute food relief support for 10000 families (with rice, suji, sugar, salt, and edible oil - sufficient for basic food requirement for a family of four for a week). Preparatory works for this deployment is in progress and will inform distribution plan shortly.

We are working with our disaster response partner Bangladesh Red Crescent Society to implement these measures.