UX GP Academy

UX GP Academy

UX for One hour at Academy Stage

In today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, the adoption of user experience streamlines any form of human/device interaction.

GP Academy hosted a masterclass on “One Hour UX” where around 300 inquisitive minds, including a group of 44 CSE students from DU, attended to delve into the UX, from understanding user psychology to mastering the art of prototyping. Every facet of UX was explored within this one-hour e-certified training session by Md Ashraful Alam, Lead UX Designer of MyGP.

The event kicked off with an inauguration speech by Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Officer, who shared his impactful journey through digital experiences.

Later on, amidst the buzz of the crowd, AppCity took the stage to shed light on gaining hands-on user experience to develop their ideas into practical apps.