Grameenphone Launches Bangladesh's First Cross-Platform App Marketplace “AppCity”

Feb 06 2024

[Dhaka, February 6, 2024]- Grameenphone, the country's leading telecommunications service provider, has introduced the country’s first cross-platform app marketplace “AppCity”, aiming to transform the digital landscape. This platform connects App developers and publishers with both B2C and B2B customers, promoting innovation, smart solutions, and accessibility in Bangladesh's pursuit of a "Smart Bangladesh."

Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology, graced the event as the Chief Guest, held at a hotel in Dhaka on Tuesday. Also, present during the event were Petter-Børre Furberg, Chairman of Grameenphone Ltd. and Head of Telenor Asia, Yasir Azman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grameenphone and other key management members of the organization. 

App marketplace “AppCity”, a pivotal part of Grameenphone's telco-tech journey, is a unified platform offering a diverse range of applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Functioning as both an App Store and API hub, this marketplace connects content providers and application developers with individual and corporate customers. One of the distinctive features of “AppCity” is its built-in Android, iOS, and telco API capabilities offered seamlessly to B2C and B2B platforms, making it the first cross-platform app marketplace in Bangladesh. This development opens new avenues for non-coders to engage in app development, aligning with the platform's guided UI for easy app creation—comparable to some existing renowned platforms.

“AppCity” also proudly claims the title of being the first comprehensive B2B app marketplace in Bangladesh. Distinguishing itself from conventional app marketplaces, “AppCity” introduces curated expert ratings alongside conventional user ratings. Furthermore, to enhance accessibility, it integrates with Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in addition to telco billing and conventional payment methods. The platform also offers a broader range of payment channels compared to other market players.

Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology, commended Grameenphone for its pioneering efforts. He stated, “AppCity” is a significant leap towards a smart future for the smart nation, reflecting our national aspirations. Integrating the innovations, the platform creates diverse opportunities for young entrepreneurs to actively contribute and thrive in shaping the ‘Smart Bangladesh’.”

To further engage the community, the State Minister added, “AppCity” is for the people of Bangladesh and will be built by the people of Bangladesh. I invite and encourage everyone, to participate in the hackathon that will be arranged to contribute to build “AppCity”, for a smarter nation."

Petter-Børre Furberg, Chairman of Grameenphone and Head of Telenor Asia, said, “We are pleased to see Grameenphone stepping up and building “AppCity”, which not only empowers developers but ultimately enhances the digital experience for customers and businesses. In line with our commitment to a Smart Bangladesh, this industry-first initiative reflects our ongoing efforts to contribute to the country's technological advancement and digital transformation."

Yasir Azman, CEO of Grameenphone, said, "With “AppCity”, we are laying the foundation for a more connected and accessible smart future. This platform encapsulates our vision of creating a smarter, inclusive, safer, and sustainable ecosystem. Fostering connectivity that empowers society and propelling the ‘Smart Bangladesh’, our dedication goes beyond conventional telecom services. Grameenphone is reshaping its portfolio to include state-of-the-art ICT and IoT solutions, ensuring we stay ahead in meeting the dynamic needs of an interconnected world."

The event also featured a presentation by Grameenphone’s top executives on various aspects of their innovative services. Mohammad Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer, spoke about GP’s SmartPlan vision of simplifying products and customer experience. Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Officer, discussed SmartHome solutions like GpFI. Dr. Asif Naimur Rashid, Chief Business Officer, talked about SmartLife by Alo; the IoT Product Line and App, promising next-generation innovations.