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Grameenphone Serving 50 Million Customers in Bangladesh

October 14,2014

Grameenphone Ltd becomes the first ever mobile telecommunication operator to cross the 5 koti subscriber milestone in Bangladesh. The announcement was made today at an event held at local city hotel in Dhaka.

“Today we celebrate our customers with this milestone. When we started this journey we pledged to provide uncompromising service to our customers. I am happy to say that we have not wavered and still strive towards ensuring the best services for our customers; our customers remain our utmost priority,” said Vivek Sood, CEO, Grameenphone.

Mr. Sood added that, “without the whole hearted support from all our customers, partners, regulators and other stakeholders, we could not have come this far.”

During the press conference the GP CEO also referred to the company’s data ambition to serve 50 million internet users on its network within the next five years.

Calling the celebration of 5koti customers more than just a celebration for Grameenphone alone, Mr. Allan Bonke, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), laid out a list of attractive offers for GP customers “to celebrate with the company.”

As part of the celebrations offer, Grameenphone 3G subscribers will enjoy double internet speeds on their mobile devices with their existing internet packages at no additional costs. Furthermore, customers will enjoy a special limited time offer of 5 paisa per 10 second pulse within the GP network. “As the operator with the largest number of subscribers we felt that we have the most people to celebrate with us. Welcome to the biggest party ever,” the CMO added.

The 1st Grameenphone subscriber and the 5koti customer, who were both present at the event, were also presented with special commemorative plaques at the event.

In line with the company’s customer-centricity drive Grameenphone had recently introduced its “Customer First” initiative including the introduction of a mobile application for employees to empower them to better serve as the organization’s brand ambassadors. Grameenphone continues to explore new avenues to improve dialogue with customers and best meet their needs.

Starting its operations on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh, Grameenphone has the largest network with the widest coverage in the country. Recently it has become the first operator to bring all the 64 districts of the country under its 3G network on the way of fulfilling its ambition of “Internet for all”. The Grameenphone network currently has more than 8,600 base stations in operation, bringing 99% of the population under its coverage.

Grameenphone was the first operator to introduce the prepaid service and the international roaming service in 1999, the WAP service in 2000, EDGE service in 2005, among many others. Being the largest mobile operator of the country and frontrunner in mobile internet in Bangladesh, it has taken the aspiration to provide internet services at the most reasonable rate and to devise a significant role by enhancing the life of the users.

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