Voice Message Broadcast

What is Voice Messages Broadcast Service:

An automated IVR system shall dial-out to the subscriber and playback relevant information through recorded voice clip(s) and enable the corporate customer to reach out to their Existing/target customers. It is a cost effective communication tool for targeted Communication, breaking the barrier of illiteracy or language, especially in the rural areas.


  • Cost effective, convenient & user friendly solution
  • Breaking the illiteracy barriers
  • Very low turn-around time for reaching out to a mass base of Subscribers

This solution may be used as:

  • Voice Advertising platform
  • Billing & Payment notification service
  • Offerings to potential customers

Voice Messages Broadcast Service Features:

Feature NameDetails
VOICE CLIPSCustomized Voice clip recording (up to 10 minutes)
AUTO DIALER FACILITYA pre -recorded message is played out to the subscriber as information/promotion
AUTOMATIC RETRY FACILITYFacility (up to 2 retries) for customers to choose for Unanswered Voice Messages Broadcast Service
FLEXIBLE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTCustomers can upload the numbers and set the campaign time in the web interface
CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTING FORMATReporting format can be customized as per customers requirement

Product details & Tariff:

GP BS customers shall be offered VMB platform along with the free web GUI. Customers shall upload the recorded voice by themselves, upload the recipient’s mobile numbers and send it from this platform. Billing will be based on the total number of VMB minutes send to the end customers at the end of each billing cycle. There will be a slab based pricing model thus base rate will be incorporated in the billing platform and monthly bill shall be generated on the basis of total number of minutes multiplied by the slab based rate (in accordance with the base rate configured in the billing system). Flat tariff (same for on-net and off-net) shall be incorporated in the platform.

Number of MinutesFlat Tariff (BDT/Min)
0 To 10,0001.40
10,001 to 30,0001.30
30,001 to 50,0001.20
50,000- 100,0001.10
Monthly FeeBDT 1000

SMS Keywords for end customer:

1. For DND/Stopping VMB - STOP VMB to 8428

2. For Activating/Starting VMB – START VMB to 8428

Once the user sends Start VMB, he would be sent a response message with below mentioned specific industry keywords:-

  • To start Food & Travel VMB, send Start FT
  • To start Finance & Health VMB, send Start FH
  • To start Professionals & Agencies VMB, send Start PA
  • To start Automobile & Logistics VMB, send Start AL
  • To start IT & Agriculture VMB, send Start ITA
  • To start Textile & Handicrafts VMB, send Start TH
  • To start Electronics & Accessories VMB, send Start EA
  • To start Media & Paper VMB, send Start MP
  • To start Manufacturing & Infrastructure VMB, send Start MI
  • To start Commercial Industry VMB, send Start CI
  • To start Metals & Chemicals VMB, send Start MC
  • To start Education and Government Org VMB, send Start EG
  • 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

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