Team Work

Managing employees is easy with Teamwork. It can be used for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Logistics, Rent-A-Car, Delivery, Installation , Maintenance and much more . Teamwork lets you manage your moving resources easily including tailored task types for your business. It makes things easier to manage & track your employees.  


Package Basic Standard Advanced
Price/user/month (BDT) 40/- 100/- 150/-

VAT and Tax will be deducted as per govt rules.

Manage Attendance - Easy to see who is available and who is not Task Progress - Focus where you are needed, dashboard helps you with that Monitor- Monitor field resources/tasks in map, get notified if someone is missing

Flexible for Multiple Industry - Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Logistics, Car Rental, Field maintenance and more... Range of Task Template - There is a template for your task, already. Pick, use and even build your own  Limitless Possibilities - On the spot photo, Location tag, QR core, Dynamic survey and more. 

In App Messenger - Stop exposing your business communication in public messenger application. Share Freely - File, photo and video sharing all out of the box Archived and secured - All communications are archived and safe for future use/reference  

Compare Performance - Find best and worst, correct or reward Overloaded or Idle - Utilize your workforce better, know when to hire or not Deep Dive When Needed - See daily, weekly and monthly people/task stats and whereabouts in map.

Features Basic Standard Advance
Employee Tracking
Messenger and File Sharing X
Task Management X X
Assignments X X
Attendance Report
Task Reports X X
Employee Tracking History X
Task Assignments 150/month/user 150/month/user 150/month/user

Tutorial Videos For Organization

Tutorial Vidoes For Employees:

Q: Do I have to pay to create account?
A: Creating a Teamwork Account is free. Subscription payments are calculated based on how many users you have. You can see the bill amount and the due date from Billing tab.

Q: What is an Organization Account?
A: Any account created in Teamwork is an Organization Account. An organization account contains users, which can be used with the Teamwork app.

Q: What is a User?
A: A user is an access to specific employees to use Teamwork.

Q: What is a User ID?
A: A User ID is an ID for a user added in Teamwork. User IDs are required to be created with Organization Account.

Q: How can I add a User?
A: To add a user you need to be logged in with Organization ID. Watch the video Add Employees to Teamwork from this link.

Q: What is an Organization ID?
A: An Organization ID is a unique ID that refers to your Organization Account in Teamwork. Organization ID is used to log into Organization Account in Teamwork.

Q: Why can’t I log in to my Organization Account with the app?
A: Organization Accounts can only be logged into with the web panel. Please visit to login with an Organization Account.

Q: What characters are allowed in Organization ID and User ID?
A: Only numbers and letters are allowed in these IDs.

Q: What is Location Interval?
A: Location Interval is the refresh rate of location data. For example, if location interval is set to 5 minutes, location information of the users will be retrieved every 5 minutes.

Q: My phone’s battery is draining after I started using Teamwork. App What to do?
A: Teamwork app is designed to be battery friendly. A few instances of high battery drainage have been reported. The most probable cause of this is that Teamwork App requires Location and GPS, and when these are turned on other apps also start to use these.To improve the situation please disable location permissions to apps that are not location information sensitive. Also, you may turn off GPS when you are offline, although latest versions of Android do that for you.

Q: Which app should I Use? Manager or employee?
A: Please ask your admin whether you are classified as an employee or manager. If you are a Manager please download Dingi Teamwork, and if you are an Employee please Download Dingi Teamwork Employee from Play/App Store.

Q: What if a user doesn’t report to anybody?
A: If a user doesn’t report to anybody, please select “N/A” in Reports to when adding the user.

Q: When adding a user, should I classify her as Employee or Manager?
A: A “Manager” ID can have subordinates where an “Employee” ID can’t. You can classify all users as “Manager” where they all have to use the Dingi Teamwork app. If a user doesn’t have subordinates she might be classified as “Employee” where she has to use the Dingi Teamwork Employee app.

Q: When should I pay my bills?
A: You are required to pay the bills within the due date mentioned in Billing. Please go to the Billing tab from the Organization Account to see the due date and make payments.

Q: What happens if I didn’t pay my bills in time?
A: The operations are automatically unavailable in Teamwork if the payment due date exceeds and payment hasn’t been made. Operations resume immediately after payment is made.

Q: How attendance is calculated?
A: Attendance is calculated based on user going online.

Q: What does it mean by Unreachable Resources?
A: When location information for a user can’t be found within 3 times the Location interval, the user is being shown as Unreachable.

Q: Can I add my own task templates?
A: You can add own task templates from Tasks > My Templates from your app.

Q: User is in one place but is shown in another place on map? Why so?
A: Location information is retrieved based on Location Interval. The higher the Location Interval the greater chance of differences in actual vs in-app location.

Q: Is there a limit to file or image sharing?
A: A file or image needs to be no more than 10MB in size.

Q: Can I download reports?
A: You can download reports from Reports tab in the web panel. To log into web panel please go to

Q: What kinds of report can I get in Teamwork?
A: Teamwork provides you with three types of reports- Attendance, Task and Location Report.

Q: How to see reports for a previous date?
A: There is a date picker with every report from where you can see reports for a specific date, current month, last month etc.

Q: Can I see reports of my subordinates’ teams?
A: Yes. To see reports of your subordinates’ team/team members please select their ID in the report. See it in action in the video View and Export Reports from this link.

Q: What are the icons in the map and what do they mean?
A: You can see the following five icons in the map. Here are the icons and what they mean.

  • The user is Online
  • The user is Unreachable
  • The user is Offline
  • Task Location
  • Task Finished in this Location

Q: What are the filters in Task and what do they mean?
A: There are eight filters in Task:

My Tasks Shows tasks assigned to you
Remaining Shows tasks that are yet to be started
In Progress Shows tasks that are happening now
Unassigned Shows tasks that haven’t been delegated to any user
Complete Shows all completed tasks
Cancelled Shows all the cancelled tasks
Postponed Shows all the postponed tasks
Delayed Shows tasks with exceeded deadline

Q: How to search a task?
A: There is a search bar in the Task tab which lets you to search tasks easily.

Q: How to search a user?
A: Users can be searched both in the map and the users. There is a search bar in both the Dashboard and User tab.

Q: How can I edit my profile?
A: For Organization Account please click on the dropdown in the top-right corner of the screen and select Profile from web panel. For users please tap

Q: I have a User Account but don’t have a password. How do I set one?
A: Open Teamwork app, tap Login and type your Organization ID. In the next screen there is a link named “Don’t Have/Forgot Password”. Tap on this link, verify your number, and set a password for your User ID. After setting a password, login with the password you’ve set.

Q: Why can’t I add users?
A: Only the Organization Account can add users. If you are the Organization Account user you can go to Users tab and add users. If not then please let the Organization Account user know.

Q: Where are the location reports of user?
A: The location reports can be found by clicking the Map icon besides the name of a user in Users tab.

Q: What are preferred locations?
A: Preferred locations are the locations you have added in Teamwork. Please watch the video Add Preferred Location from this link.

Q: Do you have Employee App for iOs?
A: We currently only have Dingi Teamwork app for managers for iOS.