Help and FAQ


1. What's the eligibility and criteria to buy MyPlan?

Any interested person can subscribe to this MyPlan postpaid as soon as s/he completes the subscription process.

2. What Documents are required to buy MyPlan?

Any interested person can contact his/her nearby GPC with the following document: i. NID card/photocopy of NID card ii. Passport (for foreigner) for buying a MyPlan connection.

3. I have a GP prepaid sim. Can I change it to MyPlan postpaid?

Any Nishchinto/ Bondhu/ Djuice/Smile Prepaid holder can migrate to the MyPlan if i. Your connection is at least 3 months old and ii. Available balance is at least 400BDT for non-star subscribers or you can also do it by scanning this below code:

4. Can I migrate from MyPlan to any prepaid?

Pre to post migrated customers can migrate back to prepaid after 30 days from joining MyPlan.

5. What happens to my prepaid balance, when I move to MyPlan?

Your balance gets transferred to your MyPlan.

6. What happens to the unused amount if I buy a new MyPlan pack?

Your unused amount will be added with the new MyPlan pack and you can use it till the bill cycle ends.

7. Where can I find new offers and Star privileges?

You can find all the available offers and Star privileges in our website. You can also find information about new offers by dialing *121#

8. How do I have to activate roaming on MyPlan?

To activate and choose roaming facilities, please visit here.

9. What happens to the unused amount if I buy a new MyPlan bundle from Myplan commitment plans?

Your unused MyPlan balance, sms and data will be added with MyPlan bundle and will have the validity as of the latest bundle.

10. Can I use rate cutter or, minute pack at MyPlan connection?

MyPlan commitment plan can take rate cutter offer but that will be effective after next bill cycle once s/he opts out from the monthly commitment plan by dialing *121*4*3#
At first customer will be charged at bundle tariff rate and then s/he will be charged at rate cutter tariff if s/he is under bundle and using rate cutter too.
MyPlan 249 TK bundle users can avail both minute pack and rate cutter as of customer’s preference. However, bundle users, customers will be charged from minute pack at first and then will be charged at bundle tariff.

11. Do I have option to opt out from MyPlan bundle or, commitment plan and what will be the tariff then?

Yes, now you have the option to cancel your MyPlan bundle or, Commitment plan by dialing *121*4*3# and you will be charged at the base tariff 79 poisha/min (local number)

12. Can any existing postpaid numbers purchase any MyPlan bundle or, Commitment plan?

Yes, any postpaid customers can buy MyPlan 249 Tk Bundle or, Commitment plan just by dialing *121*4*3# or from MyGp app.

13. What is the validity of the monthly 249Tk Bundle?

The validity of the monthly 249 Tk bundle is 30 days.


1. How to purchase MyPlan?

At the arrival to the nearby GP touch point, all the registry process will be conducted by the agents in there.

2. Can I choose MyPlan Bundle?

During activation your connection will be activated with 249 Tk Monthly bundle and later you will have the choice with to continue with it or, use it without bundle or, you can also purchase MyPlan commitment plans by dialing *121*4*3# or from MyGp app.

3. Which plan is good for me?

You are welcome to compare among the plans to see which one fits your usage.

4. Are the plans renewable?

Yes, the plan gets auto renewed on bill date.

5. Will the unused balance be carry forwarded?

Yes. on bill date, the chosen plan amount will get renewed as well as the unused amount will be will be added.

6. How to I know about remaining amount from MyPlan bundle?

You can easily get the information through text (to know, type ‘Plan’ and send to 24777) or via USSD *121*1#

7. What will happen if I don’t want a plan/bundle?

If you don't choose any Commitment Plan/Bundle, then you have the option to opt out from *121*4*3#

8. Can I subscribe to Smart Plans?

Yes! You can enjoy smart plan too!

9. Can I use Flexi Plan?

Yes, you can use Flexi Plan.

10. How can I know which plan am I using currently?

You can know about your plan name & details by dialing *121*4606#


1. How can I get data bonus?

You can enjoy 20% data bonus on 1Gb and above regular data products.

2. What will be the data pay go rate?

The pay go tariff is 1Tk/Mb (without vat,sd & sc)

3. I need 4GB (or more) data pack. How can I purchase that pack as it exceeds my credit limit?

To purchase a data pack with a price of more than 400 BDT, you’ll have to increase your Security Deposit or keep available balance to purchase it.

4. My data pack is used up and I don’t have enough credit limit to buy another. How do I use internet?

You can use data either by Pay As You Go or, you can simply pay your bill to buy data packs.

5. Is there any capping on pay go usage?

If you do not use monthly bundle data (that’s included in the plan) than it will be carry forwarded with next month’s monthly data on bill cycle.

6. What will happen if I do not use data of monthly bundle?

You can use upto 5 Tk as data pay go and then it will convert into easy net.

7. How can I check my MyPlan free data?

You can check your MyPlan free data status by dialing *121*1*4#


1. How can I pay bill?

You can pay bill through following methods: i. Flexi-load ii. Scratch Card iii. GrameenPhone Centre iv. Bank Account (Selected) v. Bkash vi Gpay. vii. DBBL Rocket viii.Mobicash For any query call121and get priority assistance as a MyPlan Subscriber.

2. What happens when I don't pay the bill on time?

For MyPlan commitment plan connection, users will be barred on due date till you pay the bill and monthly bundle will not be renewed. Call rate for that period will be 79 poisha/Min.
For MyPlan 249TK bundle users, if auto renewal feature is not turned on then bundle will not be renewed on bundle expiry date and unused MyPlan balance/data/sms will be forfeited. Later on, call rate will be 79 poisha/min for any local operator and sms charge: 30 poisha/sms (any local operator)

3. Where can I check my bill?

You can check bill anytime • *121# • or using My GP app • or dialing 121 

4. Where is my nearest payment center or GPC?

Just go to store locator and find your nearby GPCs to pay bill or for any assistance or, you can also do FLexiload to pay your dues.

5. What is an itemized bill?

Itemized bill is a usage detail of a Myplan customer for a certain time frame.

6. What do I do when my connection is barred?

You will just have to clear total due, dial *121*4620# and then start using the connection at the base call rate of the product or, purchase a monthly bundle/commitment plan from *121*4# to enjoy bundle/plan benefits.

7. How do I get my bill via Email?

Get your bill via email by typing “ Ebill<>Email address and send it to 24777”

8. For Auto Debit, where will I contact to avail it?

To avail the Auto Debit Option you can either come to GPCs or go to the respective bank to enroll and follow necessary steps.