Private Recharge

It is our great pleasure to share that Grameenphone has launched the long awaited Private Recharge feature on 6th November for its valued subscribers, especially, who do not want to disclose their cell number to others during recharge/ bill payment from our conventional channels/ outlets.

Subscribers will get a unique privacy code by registering through a toll free SMS port: 25252; which shall be used to recharge/ bill payment their mobile account by mentioning the assigned privacy code instead of mentioning customer’s mobile number from conventional Flexiload outlet/ GPC/ GPCf. Assigned privacy code length will be of 10 digits and starts with 7 (e.x.: 7123456789).

Private Recharge Options:

Below are the options of private recharge feature:

  • Privacy Code Generation
  • Privacy Code Retrieval
  • Privacy Code Change/ Modification [upon availability]

Privacy Code Generation Process:

Write RPC and send to 25252

Privacy Code Retrieval/changing Process:

Write RTPC and send to 25252

Privacy Code Change/ modification Process:

Write CPC Old Privacy Code Desired Privacy Code and send to 25252

Upon availability, desired privacy code will assign; other-wise system will generate a new privacy code & send it to subscriber against his change/ modification request.

**SMS charge is free